• Do you have a million pairs of sunglasses to keep up with? Me, too! This DIY wall hung sunglasses organizer looks great and keeps your sunnies in place!

    Wall Hung Sunglasses Organizer

    June 2, 2017 admin

    So it’s basically gotten to the point that even my mom razzes me about my ability to lose sunglasses. We were out and about in Houston and “I lost my sunglasses!” My mom totally deadpanned, “again?” Hi. My name is Allison and I lose things… especially sunglasses… and even my mom teases me about it :)…

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  • Even a total beginner can make this simple, rustic throw ladder for about $6!!!

    $6 Throw Ladder for Beginners

    January 22, 2016 admin

    Right now I’m all about 2 things. Feathering this nest. Using the mitre saw Rob bought. Well, technically I’m all about Rob using the mitre saw for me and since I’m as clumsy as they come. It seems better to watch him cut my boards for me for a weensy bit longer before I get…

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