• What a pretty and colorful way to add easy to care for REAL plants to your home! I love these marbled air plant holders!

    Marbled Air Plant Holders

    February 21, 2016 admin

    Rob and I have gotten to where we go to the flea markets an awful lot. We actually went 2 days in a row to 2 different ones a few weeks ago, largely so that we can work on better socializing Ollie with strangers. You see he’s always a bit wary of new people and…

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  • These wire hung air plants are fun and make great little gifts!

    DIY Hanging Air Plants

    November 11, 2014 admin

    When I was a kid I had an air plant that was hot glued into a seashell. I know it was hot glued because I messed with it for ages and ages. Picking at it but doing my best to not actually remove the glue that was holding the plant in. I have no clue…

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