Tackling Litter Box Smells

September 9, 2013Allison Murray

This post brought to you by Sam’s Club. All opinions are 100% mine.

Glade Tidy Cats Litter Review

I just added it all up in my head and I have had almost 20 cats in my home at one time or another the past 5 years. A stray isn’t a stray for long around here. I take them in, get them checked out and send them to good, loving homes.

And if they’re feral, well, that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. They’ve got to be tamed as much as a feral kitty can. I take the swipes and scratches so that their new owners don’t have to. After all, if I didn’t these cats might “get” their new owners and then they’d be in a whole new mess and probably looking out of a cage at the animal shelter. That’s something I just can’t have.


Every new kitty that comes in these doors I want to keep. Desperately. Especially the feral ones. It’s so much work to earn their love and trust and then to drive them to their new home, well, I cry every time. Every. Single. Time.

But with 4 cats, 3 of whom are rescues themselves, I don’t need anymore kitties – I’ve got to spread the love, afterall. And one thing I always think about when deciding whether or not to actually drive kitty number 5 to their new home is (cue dramatic music) the litterbox.

Let’s face it the catbox is a nasty thing because that’s where they do their nasty business. It is what it is.

Glade Tidy Cats Litter Review

I’ve spent many years trying to tame that nasty beast with boxes of baking soda and smell good sprinkles I get from the cat aisle at the store and they help but they don’t solve the problem. Because the last thing I want people to know when they walk into my house is that I have a whole slew of cats.

I’ve purchased the same litter from Sam’s Club for ages now. Litter is a hot commodity around here with 4 cats and it’s something I go through like crazy. I’ll seriously go in to Sam’s and buy a minimum of two jumbo packages at a go. Sometimes Russell complains that the back of the car feels too heavy after such a trip! Ack!

Moving on, when I was at Sam’s Club few months ago I saw a new type of litter – Glade Tidy Cats. This new Tidy Cats formula has a combination of smell cathcing litter and smell good Glade. Since I’d never tried it before I only bought one packagebecause I didn’t know how I’d like it. I quickly made another Sam’s trip for more, and now it’s the only litter I’ll use.

So from a crazy cat loving lady who’s used the stuff for several months, I can honestly tell you, Glade Tidy Cats is the only litter I use now and it’s totally the cat’s pajamas.

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  • Vanessa

    August 17, 2014 at 3:54 AM

    Hi Allison, thanks for the tips! I have a question though. Could you say what you like about this litter? I can tell you totally love it but I am not sure what you love about it . So WHY is it the cat’s pajamas? :-)


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