How to Switch Your Dog’s Food

May 18, 2016Allison Murray
Learn how to switch your dog's food.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iams for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Learn how to switch your dog's food.

So you’re probably here because, like me, decided it was time to switch your dog’s food. Maybe like me you made the call and decided it was time to go with something a little better quality than what you’ve been feeding puppy or maybe your vet has suggested you make the switch. Whatever the reasoning, changing your dog over to Iams quality dog food  really fairly simple. Here’s how we are tackling the switch…

Since doggies tend to veer easily toward upset tummy territory the switch has to be gradual. And there’s always the fact that some dogs are just plain stubborn and don’t want to change anything about anything. Now my Ollie will eat anything and everything put in front of him, and even things that are not! After a few weeks of stealing puppy food and packing on the pounds (to the tune of about 4 pounds in a month – wowza!) he’s going on a slight diet.


Learn how to switch your dog's food.

To get going we’re going to start with 25% of Iams and 75% of old Ollie’s old food. Little by little I’m going to wean him off of the old food and 100% onto his new. This is going to help him to get used to the new food both mentally and physically so we don’t have any tummy troubles. Like I said, Ollie will eat anything but if pup is giving you trouble by not eating his food don’t stress. According to our vet you don’t really need to start worrying until after 3 days of not eating and by that time even the most stubborn of dogs will give in.

We also like to add a little bit of moist food in with the dry. Not much, just enough to barely coat the kibble. This especially seems to help us out when either one of our dogs decides they don’t want to eat for a while. If no wet food is around, a little bit of warm water also makes things different and can encourage a healthy appetite!

Learn how to switch your dog's food.

Now we  haven’t actually gotten going yet but I’m really looking forward to seeing what changes become evident in our Mr. Oliver. Will his coat become softer or more manageable? Will he seem to have less joint pain? Is he going to shed some of the weight that is really, really bad for him? Only time will tell and luckily I’ll be back to share those details with you soon enough!

And if you’re wondering why the lovely Carly, at only 4 months old is actually modeling our new food (though as a puppy she’s not old enough for this variety) it’s because our poor Ollie was unwell having been bitten by a spider or a snake (but you can see him, even if unwell in one of the pics here). It was so scary! But at least we were able to visit with our vet about dietary changes and now I’ve been able to share that info with you. Oh, and the Olls is perfectly well these days!

Check back in to see how well we’re making the switch and how well we can see our Iams Visible Differences! I hope it was helpful to learn how to switch your dog’s food!

Learn how to switch your dog's food.

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