It Was Supposed to Be EASY Artwork

April 11, 2014Allison Murray
Silhouette file to custom, easy art.

Silhouette file to custom, easy art.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Even when you’re a craft blogger and you do this kind of stuff day in and day out, some days it’s just a total flop.

Upon seeing some super awesome cut files in the Silhouette shop I got really excited. These suckers were perfect! Check ’em out!


So I bought them and got after it. Now so far I’ve only done the Good Day one simply because I ran out of cardstock while trying to get the single one done. I had 6 sheets to cut two pieces of artwork out of and I only got one done! The first one cut well but the card stock came apart when I was pulling it off of the mat. Yep, I’d already weeded it and everything! I can’t even tell you what went wrong with the others. It was just one gigantic cluster and it was so frustrating!

But here’s what I did… I cut the file into a piece of white patterned kraft paper cardstock. Then I took that and glued it down onto a piece of black card stock to make my artwork. I framed it and that was that.  Or was it?

Silhouette file to custom, easy art.

I get the first one in the frame only to realize that I bought two different frames. Two TOTALLY different frames. Look at that crap! So I went out when I totally hadn’t planned on it (see the socks and flip flops?) and painted them both gold. Well, now that’s fixed…

Silhouette file to custom, easy art.

So after they’re all good and dry I come in and get the only piece that I was actually able to complete into the frame. And as I’m pushing the back on the glass breaks. Seriously? But at least I still have one more pane from the frame that won’t be used until I can forget how horrendous this whole project was… So I get it in, seal it up and turn it over to inspect my work and it’s perfect! Finally!

Silhouette file to custom, easy art.

But you may notice that the finished pic did NOT have any glass in it. That’s because something absolutely stupid went on with me and I went to put my picture on the table and I just dropped the thing into the trash. I call this my brain to hand disconnect. And it happens so often that I have a name for it. Needless to say, the glass shattered and that was that.

But I do love it. So much I love it! And there’s absolutely no reason to think that you will have the time that I have with it. So I hope you make your own awesome and easy artwork (hopefully!)

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  • Aurelia Eglantine

    April 12, 2014 at 6:10 AM

    I love how you can take such ordinary stories and turn them into hilarious adventures :) I don’t craft outside of needlework much because klutzy things keep happening to me, often when I least expect it (or need it). I totally have a brain to hand disconnect, but I never knew what it was called! Now I know, thank you. It’s a Good Day ;) LOL!

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