Summer Wardrobe DIYs

June 17, 2015Elena aka. Midsommarflicka

It. Is. Summer!

Finally. At least here in Hamburg, Germany we had to wait for a long time – and probably we have to suffer a few cold days again in the next weeks… But I refuse to wear winter sweaters any longer. I have summer now. No more discussion!

To celebrate this long awaited summer I looked through my wardrobe and thought, I could add a few fun summer things – and I thought, I’d share my finds with you:


Please remember to pin the individual projects from their original sites, thanks!

First things first: There is no such things as too many hand bags in a closet. Right? So, here’s a Boho Tassel Crochet Bag for summer!


Another nifty idea is this scarf turned into a kimono – an idea by Thalita, which I’ve interviewed a while back & you can read the interview here!


I love how you can reuse & upcycle all kind of things and turn them in all other kind of things! Just like above is here another great idea: Turning a pillowcase into a top!


This post includes some tips to create the perfect cutoff shorts!


Oh, and for all the awesome cut shirts, there’s finally a solution: The Macrame Back Bra :)


Then, we’ve got skirts…
And, you know me, I have a hard time with decisions. I just can’t decide which tutorial to show and which not. So, I’ve got a few for you:





And at last, of course, shoes. Flip Flops are for sure the easiest thing to wear, but then again… they just look all the same – but not any longer:



And if you want more ideas for shoe DIYs … well, Allison got a “few” here at Dream A Little Bigger: Look!

I wish you all an awesome summer in some great self made clothes :)
Talk to you soon!

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