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September 4, 2013Allison Murray
Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes

Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes

Do you ever go and visit a brand new baby blog, one that’s in its first few months, and you just know – this person is going somewhere?  One day I clicked over and found Studs and Buttonholes in its infancy. Seriously – this was his SECOND post. But the thing is I just knew immediately, this guy’s got something and he’s going somewhere.

So before he’s too big to notice an email from the likes of me, I decided to get in there and get my blogger interview with Dan. As it turns out, he’s not just stylish and handsome and confident and  talented, he’s also a super nice guy. I couldn’t be more excited to introduce Daniel from Studs and Buttonholes to you:

Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes
Quick and easy loafers, copper accent. Tutorial at Studs and Buttonholes.

Studs and Buttonholes is about 8 months old. What made you decide to start a DIY fashion blog? I have always had a deep love for crafting. I watched TLC shows like it was my j.o.b as a kid. This was pre-Honey Boo Boo, when they had shows like Home Matters, and that show with the bald guy that reupholstered everything. So after a lot of pressure I started documenting what I was doing, craft wise. I was already making things for myself, why not share it. Also, I just really love fashion. Be it Gold Lamé shorts proudly announcing, you will not be sitting down today. Or caping a jacket to avoid hugging people. I’ve bounced around trying to figure out my niche, i’m pretty sure this is it.

What do you hope to achieve with Studs and Buttonholes? You know, I’m honestly not sure? Studs and Buttonholes is so young, it has its whole life ahead of it. I’m still working on getting its focus together. I currently use it as a challenge for myself. I always try to one up my posts, and make each as original as possible… The last thing the internet needs is another post on ‘how to make a kelp scarf’.

What designers inspire you the most? Raf Simons. Raf is the reason I started sewing in the first place. His designs are always creative, recognizable, and beautiful. I find his start interesting and relatable too. Raf was moved to tears after seeing Martin Margiela’s collection in 1991, on the spot he decided to be a fashion designer. I can safely say he had the same impact on me. It should be noted, I am in NO WAY comparing myself to Mr. Simons, just that he inspires me. **Bows down

Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes
Resin Shark tooth bead necklace using thermochromatic pigment. Tutorial at Studs and Buttonholes.

Where do you find inspiration in everyday life? I have an imagination thats always on. I can see a piece of trash and want to make it into a necklace. Or dip it in resin… resin is my craft medium of the minute

Where is your favorite place to shop for fabric? A local shop, Fields Fabrics. I like all the old ladies that work there. I’m known as “That guy that made a sheer pair of shorts once”

Why did you start making your own clothes and accessories? When I was in school ‘Skinny’ was not a thing. Raf and Hedi were just starting the skinny jean debate. I’m 6’2 and pretty thin, so finding clothing was not easy. I saved up for a sewing machine and figured out how to use it. Full disclosure I still don’t use it correctly and I hate sewing. I just love the end result so much I deal with it.

Any tips for someone who is interested in sewing their own clothes but unsure of where to start? I would deconstruct clothes and figure out how they were made. Having a basic idea of how things are made really helped me. has a ton of tips too.

Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes
Designer inspired Lego clutch tutorial. Tutorial at Studs and Buttonholes.

What are the most important tools that someone who is interested in DIY fashion needs to have? A sewing machine is a must, you can get them for so cheap too. Hot Glue Gun, good scissors and some pliers.

Is there a new type of craft that you’re dying to check out? What is it? Funny you mention this. I really want to try mask making. The liquid latex kind. I need a fat suit for my boyfriend and I’s halloween costume…. I’ve already said too much.

What projects are you most proud of? I made some ‘Candy Queen’ Costumes for a charity event. I don’t usually do womenswear, so that was a fun little challenge. I’m like the supportive parent of my crafting. Every new project is my favorite.

What projects have been the most successful on your blog? That darn Lego Clutch. People love it, I almost didn’t post it because I wasn’t sold on it. I played around with it forever before posting.

Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes
Sew a pair of gold shorts using an existing pair as a pattern. Tutorial at Studs and Buttonholes.

Besides blogging, what are your other interests? Drinking, i’m pro drinking. Crafting while drinking really sums up my life.
What are your favorites? So many favorites, ‘Barefoot In The Park’ and ‘A Single Man’ both win favorite movie. I really only watch 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. Over and over and over.

My music taste flips all over the place. I’m pro Kanye and obsessed with Lorde. Color is a tricky one. I do love anything gold though.

I’ll just be honest, if I had to eat only Corn dogs…. I wouldn’t be upset about it.

I also have a deep and real love for Dirty Martinis.

What do you do when you aren’t crafting ? I’m the Head Booker at The Matthew Agency, its a modeling agency.

Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes
Make a recycled jar to go beverage! Tutorial at Studs and Buttonholes.

Confidence pours off of you – any tips for those of us who are a little shy? 
Oh goodness, I think its the cliche “be yourself”. Once you are happy with yourself, the confidence comes… Now if you would like to fake confidence, vocally match the loudest person in the room.

Your photography often reminds me of layouts in a fashion magazine. How do you find locations to shoot? Color me flattered, I usually just find places around my office building. Really no skill at all. I have date night with my boyfriend every Wednesday. We go to a bar right next to where I work. I usually make him snap a few pictures while we walk over.

Are there any fashion magazines that you the a cue from when setting up your photographs or posing? I just love anything Pierre Debusschere does. I use Tumblr for inspiration a lot too. I sadly am adding to the reason print is dying.

Blogger Interview - Dan from Studs and Buttonholes
Sew a painted canvas a cloth clutch. Tutorial at Studs and Buttonholes.

Any tips for the fashion blogger looking to self photograph? Study

Is there anything you wish you would have known before starting a blog? I wish I’d known how to code. Hell I still wish I could code.

Any advice you can give to aspiring fashion bloggers? Just make sure you do what you love. Don’t try to be someone else. Always use coupons.

Anything else you’d like the readers of Dream a Little Bigger to know? If you have to open a straw.. don’t pound it on a table, we can’t be friends if you do. I have a twin brother, and I frequently lie about my age.

Thanks so much, Daniel for sharing yourself with us this week! Keep on loving what you do and being yourself  and we’ll keep loving you for it.

If you haven’t clicked over yet, go say hi to Daniel on his blog Studs and Buttonholes.

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  • Steph @ meet.make.laugh.

    September 4, 2013 at 11:25 AM

    What a great spotlight! “Crafting while drinking really sums up my life.’….. love this. :)

    1. Allison

      September 4, 2013 at 2:12 PM

      I know, Daniel’s so candid and awesome! Be sure to check out his blog if you haven’t, yet!

  • 2nd Funniest Thing

    September 4, 2013 at 12:10 PM

    I felt exactly the same first time I saw his blog!! My favourite DIY’s are his dino clutch his harness.
    This guy is extremely talented. Congrats Daniel I’m sure you’ll become kind of DIY guru in short ;)

    1. Allison

      September 4, 2013 at 2:13 PM

      That dino clutch was genius, wasn’t it?! Daniel is definitely is on the fast track to something great, I just know it!

  • JayNine

    September 14, 2013 at 8:21 PM

    excellent! what an incredible find! I look forward to seeing this master at work in the spotlight very soon ;)

    1. Allison

      September 15, 2013 at 3:59 PM

      I’m so glad!

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