Star Spangled Bangle

July 4, 2015Rachil Luke
Star Spangled Bangle

finaletitledHappy 4th of July! I wasn’t going to do a themed post originally but I had some leftover resin from a project (you’ll probably be seeing next month) and lightning quick inspiration to make this simple sparkly bracelet. Coupled with the killer patriotic rhyming title I came up with this project was almost a no-brainer.

Also, because this tutorial was thought up in less than a minute and I was working with time-sensitive resin, I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of the supplies needed. I just dived right into making. Sorry!


  • Resin
  • Star confetti (I used gold and silver)
  • Silver and gold glitter
  • 3 Small cups (One for the resin, one for the hardener, one to mix them in)
  • Popsicle stick
  • Bracelet mold
  • Something to measure your resin(I used my postage scale to measure out one ounce of each part. I used half for this project and half for another one.)

Step 1: Mix your resin according to the instructions it came with. Follow them closely and make sure your portions are exact.

Use 3 cups: 1 for resin, 1 for the hardener, one to pour them both into and mix in.



Step 2: Add your glitter to the resin and mix.

Step 3: Pour your resin into the bangle mold.

Step 4: Push your stars into the resin.

Step 5: Let cure, pop out of the mold, wet-sand down any sharp edges.
Then wear!


As you can see, my glitter mostly sunk to the bottom but you could possibly fix that by pouring part of your mold full, then adding your stars then topping off your mold.

sideview2 Besides adding a thin layer for protection to the inside of my Crafty Catch-All, this was my first time trying resin crafting. I really liked the easy of pour and forget about it for a few days. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with it

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Til Next Time!


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