“Stained” Bamboo Utensil Holder with FrogTape Shape Tape

June 27, 2014Allison Murray

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I must admit I’m pretty keen on FrogTape® in general and Shape Tape™ specifically. And for good reason, really. I’m one of those who loves to paint to get a new look for a little dent in my pocketbook. And if I can get a totally custom look by spending a week straight taping off my hallway, then I’ll totally do it. And have.

But what can be so frustrating, and totally was in that project, was the bleeds that occur. It doesn’t seem to matter how careful you are, they happen like crazy and it’s distracting and it’s upsetting after so much work. So when I got to try out FrogTape’s Shape Tape for the first time when I made over my bathroom with a picture, two cans of paint ond some wave Shape Tape™, that is the day that I became a convert.


Quite honestly, in painting an ENTIRE wall i my master half bath and not meticulously going over every single edge of every single piece of tape I had only 2 bleeds. Both high up where I was freaking out about the heigt of being up there and didn’t even push the tape all the way to the wall in the first place. You see there’s some technology where the tape binds to something in the paint so it literally forms a seal that the paint can’t get beyond. It’s called PaintBlock­­® and it is some super awesome thing where the paint connects with the edges of the tape and forms a seal. Long story short… that’s why you’re not going to get bleeds and whatnot like you might do from other tapes. This PaintBlock® seal just won’t let it in there, at all! And that is why I am a FrogTape® convert and faithful!

And while I had planned on renovating my kitchen this year, with schedules and whatnot it’s just not going to work out for 2014. So instead I’m working with what I’ve got and adding a little touch here and there to make things more contemporary and clean like I’m looking for.

When I spied this super cute bamboo utensil holder I instantly knew that I wanted to faux stain it. Since it was already sealed and I didn’t want to sand and all of that business I just grabbed some latex paint samples and my Shape Tape™ and got after it!

For this project you will need:

  • FrogTape® Shape Tape™ (comes in Wave, Chevron and Scallop)
  • Bamboo utensil holder (mine was about $6 at Walmart)
  • Samples of 3-4 shades of latex paint
  • Soft bristled, small paint brush

First grab your bamboo holder. I was particularly drawn to the slanted edge. Ooh, la la! But it’s just so plain and plain is something I have a hard time abiding by.

To get started remove any and all stickers and give your holder a quick clean with rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry completely.

Now I worked from the middle up and then down but I’d really suggest working from the bottom up. Not quite sure what I was thinking but I made it harder on myself than it needed to be.

Cut off a piece of tape that will go around the width of the holder. Peel away one portion of the backing (super awesome — this tape has a peel off for the top section and the bottom section so you have less of that awful, curling up and wasting the tape when it sticks to itself business that happens) and stick on. Make sure you’re happy with the placement. If not, move it.

Carefully peel away the second strip while keeping the tape adhered. Match up the back side as well as possible but don’t fret if it isn’t perfect.

Dry brush a single layer of your paint over the tape. To dry brush barely dip the bristles into the paint. Brush that very small amount onto the holder until you’re out of paint. The idea is to get the paint on as thinly as possible so that the grain is visible and the pot appears stained rather than painted.

Allow the paint to dry and then peel away the tape. Now you can stop here, or you can keep on keeping on. Guess what I did?

Yep, I kept on. Taping the holder off again and making a new set of waves makes for an awesome look in the end. Just be 100% positive your paint from the first go ’round is completely dry.

And that, my friends, is that. Now you might see on the wh ite line that I’ve got a few bleeds and that is totally my fault. See how there is a deep gouge in the wood just below? I failed to give the tape a good rub down in that area so that it made contact with that groove (and in another one on the other side). Since I didn’t it bleed just a bit. But again, totally user error!

Yet again I’m pretty darn amazed with what I can do with a bit of Shape Tape™. This stuff is totally awesome.

Want even more ideas and inspiration for using FrogTape® Shape Tape™? Give ’em a follow on Twitter and Pinterest! And share your projects and ideas with me in the comments!

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Comments (3)

  • Crafty Lumberjacks

    June 27, 2014 at 12:08 PM

    Ah! So cute! We want one!!!!

  • Leslie

    July 11, 2014 at 9:46 PM

    :) Looks great!

  • onel

    July 14, 2014 at 2:53 AM

    Oh wow I didn’t even know this kind of tape exists! Love the result! So pretty!

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