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November 1, 2014RaChil Luke

Hey everyone, RaChil here! I hope you all had a great Halloween! I enjoyed mine this year even if I was super busy with school in the process and my cat destroyed my handmade costume by spilling a cup of coffee all over it. It’s alright, my holiday was not ruined, a true Halloween-enthusiast has a back up!

Today is the first day of the Holiday season though, and for me, a blogger and a business owner, that means I am about to have a very busy next two months. I usually get a big rush from the middle of November up to the last day I can ship stuff and still have it arrive in time for Christmas, plus this year I decided I wanted to check “Sell crafts at a convention” off of my life to-do list and signed up for a table at a local anime convention.

Since this is my first time I have a lot to do, especially with designing whats actually going to go on the table. As I was brainstorming about presentation ideas the other day I came up with the best idea to display my business cards!

As you can see from those badly out of date cards (*reminder* add design new business cards to to-do list) and my blog header a little blue spool is my business logo. To me it represents creativity and innovation so it was a simple choice for my “brand”, it was also the simple choice for displaying my cards at the upcoming (and hopefully many more) convention(s). This was a super easy project and I just know it’s going to tie my display together perfectly, find out how to make your own below!



  • Embroidery Thread (I used two colors and twisted them to make a baker’s twine-esque pattern)
  • Large Wooden Spool
  • Jewelry Wire (Not exactly sure of the gauge, cause its from my stash. Thick, but I can bend it with my hands)
  • Jewelry Needle Nose Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Business Cards (Or something that needs displayed)

Step 1: I wanted my spool to be striped so I twisted together two different colors and fixed one end near the top pf the spool with a dot of hot glue.

I continued twisting and hot gluing every few strands. To be honest, the thread didn’t cooperate and was really annoying to deal with so I would suggest just using a bakers twine or pre-twisted (does that exist?) thread.

When you’re all done wrapping, secure the tail end of the thread with a dab of glue , cut off the excess.

Step 2: Begin by folding your length of wire in half (1). Make a twist about 6 inches down the wire, then make everything above the twist flatten down perpendicularly to the rest of the wire. This will look like a T as in picture (2). Then twist each section (3)

Step 3: Apply a line of hot glue to  the tail end of your T. Quickly attach it to the hollow in the middle of the spool. Snip off any wire that sticks out of the bottom


Fill in the inside of the spool with hot glue to secure the wire.

Step 4: Bend the two sides of the T down into a U shape.

Then take the ends of the U and turn them up at right angles so they make little feet.

Add some business cards and you are set to go at a convention or craft fair. Plus the spool, while it is my business’s logo, is also just a great symbol for craftiness in general and could work for any number of handmade businesses.

I am very excited about my first selling opportunity and I can’t wait to have people grabbing cards from this sew totally awesome card holder!

Til Next Time!


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