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February 28, 2016RaChil Luke

Hey everyone! I got a haircut and dyed my hair this week! It was time for a change and I went for something a little dramatic, an asymmetrical bob. I absolutely love it and like whenever I get a new ‘do. I love to DIY some accessories that I feel compliment it. This cut/color combo is pretty sassy so I dug out some small spikes and crafted this edgy (but still adorable) headband!



  • Skinny blank headband either (fabric or metal with a ribbon)
  • Sew-on spikes
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Fabric Glue (optional)


Step 1: I glued a bunch of my spikes down before I sewed them to make them a little more sturdy. I didn’t do them all at once so I could hold the headband close to where I’ll be sewing.


Step 2: Thread your needle and knot the end. Insert the needle through the first spike but don’t pull the thread all the way to the knot.

Insert the needle through the loop of thread right before the knot, pull tight to lock the first spike in place. You can also glue the knot and any hanging tail thread down to the underside of the headband if you want.

Step 3: My headband has a metal base with a thin black ribbon across the top which happens to be just a smidge wider than the metal. Insert the needle from the bottom of the ribbon, up.
Now go through the spike.
Finish securing the spike by going back down through the ribbon, on the opposite side you started from.
Move back to the opposite side across the bottom of the headband and start your next spike. Continue until complete.

finaleIt doesn’t take long and it gives any outfit a classy edge! Gotta love it! Plus it’ll help me keep my half-head of hair out of my face while conserving the coolness of my haircut.

Til Next Time!
RaChil Luke

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