Sparkling and Beachy Tastes Better

August 8, 2016Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZZE for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


The older I get the more I realize that I don’t like for things to be plain. Wanting things to be different or colorful or interesting largely comes from my DIY lifestyle. I’d much rather cover a lamp with glitter than leave it as is. Why in the world would I leave that shelf alone when I could spray paint it gold and then decoupage old paper onto the sides? :)

That love of something different or something more extends all the way to the things I like to drink. Plain is boring. Water is great and all for, like, sustaining life, but somewhere in the past few months of a crazy work schedule I started taking in lots and lots of caffeine to help sustain my workload. And taking in all of that coffee and pop and whatnot only helped to push me into drinking a lot of calories. Like a ton of calories and though I was drinking all. of. the. time. I still felt dehydrated.



Rob is constantly drinking fizzy water and I’ve always been pretty jealous that he gets something a little different without drinking in a few hundred calories a bottle like me. But I just couldn’t get into sparkling water. It’s like, the fizz tastes salty to me or something and it’s just not tasty. But that was before. Now I’ve found IZZE and there are three delicious true-to-the-fruit flavors: Blackberry Pear, Mandarin Lime, and Raspberry Watermelon.

Not only do I love the taste I’m also digging that they are USDA Certified organic with natural flavors and 1-2 grams of organic cane sugar adding up to only 10 calories per 12 ounce serving. Now I’m finding myself able to hydrate, with actual water, without adding a ton of calories and sodium and all sorts of stuff I honestly just don’t need without having to sacrifice the more flavor than plain ol’ water that I really, really want.


And I have to tell you an IZZE Sparkling Water is PERFECT for the beach days. So when Rob and I packed up to hit Boca Chica we made sure to stop and grab some IZZE to toss into the cooler on the ride out. It was such a lovely time. We stopped along the way and harvested some prickly pears that I’m going to make jam with this weekend and then we went exploring in the odd, partially abandoned, partially lived in subdivisions along the way. It was so cool!

But since I just can’t leave work at home (I’m coming to the realization that I really am a workaholic) once we actually hit the beach my Rob and I set up our bottles for a fun little photo shoot. Luckily Boca Chica is not a busy beach at all, often with us having a stretch of many meters of beachfront all to ourselves. So with minimal odd looks I held bottles while Rob snapped pics and directed me how to move so the bottles wouldn’t have a glare. And then I had this clever idea of laying down on the beach and snapping pics of bottles resting on top of the sand while the surf gently washed up onto the shore near them. So I flopped my belly down in that wet sand and soon realized that the tide never comes up the same way, twice. Though nobody was close they all got to hear me yelling while I tried to shove my camera straight up in the air and save it from the surf.


I did still get the picture but perhaps I still have considerable room for improvement when it comes to my photo planning skills :)

At the end of the day I love hanging onto the cold glass bottle with the fun design on it, sipping away on the slightly sweet, fizzy bubbles. It doesn’t matter if I am lucky enough to get to relax on the beach or if I simply must bring home the bacon and spend the day at my computer screen… a cold bottle of IZZE Sparkling Water makes it all go down easier. In the end, I’m a just glitter loving gal who doesn’t do plain who likes to #SparkleBrightly every day with my new tasty treat.


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