Soul Sessions – a Journey of Spirituality

March 29, 2015Allison Murray
Soul Sessions by Carson Gage - a spiritual journey that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Soul Sessions by Carson Gage - a spiritual journey that can be enjoyed by everyone.


I’m the kind of gal who goes around wondering about not much but what is right under my nose at any given moment. Does this project need glitter? Should I add more butter than the recipe calls for? Should I buy the navy or the pink blouse… do I have too many navy blouses already? …would I even wear the pink one if I did buy it? Boring, every day stuff.

I know there are people who ask lots of themselves and they ponder life in a more philosophical way. Do we have multiple lives? soul mates? is there such a thing as serendipity? is there free will? what happens when we die? Flat out on a day to day basis that kind of thinking is something that would never, ever, ever come naturally to me. It’s just far too serious and far to heavy for me.

But that’s not to say that the questions on the topic of spirituality aren’t good for me. Sometimes it is good to go outside of our norm and comfort zone and think about the aspects of life we may normally keep in the back recesses of our minds.

Soul Sessions by Carson Gage - a spiritual journey that can be enjoyed by everyone.

To be honest (again) I’m not a spiritual person which is odd considering I grew up in the Bible Belt. I don’t find myself wondering if there is a predestined path set out by a higher being that I am following along with. I don’t wonder if the bad things in my life are trials sent to me to overcome and improve myself. Things just happen and I don’t think of them too much.

So when I snagged my copy of Soul Sessions by Carson Gage for my Kindle I was pretty sure that it just wasn’t going to be my cup of tea. I didn’t pay attention to the genre or anything and just assumed this was going to be a non-fiction account of something spiritual by somebody who died and came back or saw Mary the Blessed Virgin in a piece of toast and life suddenly changed drastically in a renewed faith in God. To be honest, even though I really, really love to read I found that I wasn’t very keen on starting the book after all of these thoughts of a religious reawakening being shoved down my throat clouded my brain. But in the end I did read it and it was worth it.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers (I HATE when people do that!) because this really is a book you should read even if you aren’t overly spiritual like myself or if you’re of a different religion than the Christian faith. It’s a good story about a guy named Nick who, in a nutshell, is depressed, constantly seeking approval and unable to hold onto meaningful relationships. Now I think that just about everybody can relate to one of these three big themes. I deal with depression myself .

Soul Sessions by Carson Gage - a spiritual journey that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Nick visits a psychologist who practices everyday psychology but is also an expert in New Age methods. We see our main character fall deep into a trance to visit the memories deeply hidden in his mind and, on that very first hypnotic trance learn just why Nick is constantly seeking approval. This very scene in the book is probably my favorite. As Nick is taken further and further into the trance, just reading the words I felt myself relax along with him and that was very unexpected and really nice.

Now that’s just a little taste of what you’ll find when you crack open Soul Sessions. You don’t have to believe in psychics or mystics or reincarnation to like this book. It’s a good, fictional read that everyone can enjoy with some maybe even finding new doors for thoughts opening that had never before been pondered. And maybe, just maybe you’ll find yourself wondering, do we have multiple lives? soulmates? does serendipity affect our lives? does a pre-life plan exist and if so co-exist with free will? And the biggie… what happens after we die?

About the author… Carson Gage has been interested in the mysteries of life and death since the age of seven, when he survived being run over by a speeding car. This experience led him on a journey of discovery for answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

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