Somebunny Special Easter Jar Tutorial

March 26, 2013Allison Murray
Somebunny Special Easter Jar Tutorial with Dream a Little at Mom Spark

Somebunny Special Easter Jar Tutorial with Dream a Little at Mom Spark

I recently spent about 10 days with my parents, nephews and grandmother in Houston. We all had a blast and, as usual, even though I was on vacation we all still found time to get crafty. In fact, my nephews will get crazy excited about an “arts and crafts day!!!”

While I had preplanned enough posts to be able to keep from having to babysit the blog while I was away I still needed to complete a craft project for Mom Spark. My nephews really wanted to help and we had worked out the idea of some cute Easter bracelets. But when it came down to time to make them, one was far more interested in making hama cars and the other was into gluing random stuff together… Like little hats on rocks and googly eyes on seashells. I’m smiling just think of his proud little creations.

So one morning I woke up with the neatest idea for an Easter Mom Spark craft and when I actually got around and was talking to Momma I explained my idea which she deemed far cuter than the first, anyway. Daddy, always excited to work on a project with me was already taking me to town to purchase supplies for a post I’ll be sharing later this week, was patient enough to drive me all over town to find the perfect supplies for my little somebunny special goodie jars.


So check out the post at Mom Spark so you can whip these bad boys up in just a few minutes (seriously!) and I’ll tell you where I got my supplies so that you don’t have to travel all over town! Somebunny Special Easter Jar Tutorial at Mom Spark! Interested in seeing some of my other crafty posts on Mom Spark? Check out my other DIY goodies!

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