Skull-Bead Headband

October 17, 2015RaChil Luke

Hey everyone! Guess what? I got a new job and it’s super awesome. I work at a party store that sells Halloween stuff; i.e. costumes, decorations, and cooking/baking supplies. Every day I get to pick out costume accessories to wear and it is the best perk I think a job has ever given me! My inner drama kid is basking in getting to be let out in the adult world, this is part of my job.  Due to this I’ve been having a great Halloween month and have been getting in that spooky mood which brings us toooooooo today’s tutorial! This one is a breeze guys and it adds a nice creepy pop to an outfit, perfect for year round or to accentuate your festive-ness during the month of October.


  • Clear stretchy beading cord
  • Bakers Twine
  • Needle (must have and eye big enough for bakers twine but also fit through your beads)
  • Flat skull beads
  • Scissors

Step 1:  Lay out your skulls in the order you are most satisfied with. I had half the skulls point one way and the other half point the opposite. The left half faces right and the right half faces left basically.

Cut a length of bakers twine twice as long as slightly longer than the length of beads. You’re gonna want to double up the twine when you thread your needle, as shown below.
Tie a not at the end of the thread so that your beads don’t accidenly slide off. Thread all beads onto the doubled twine.

Step 2: Cut a length of stretchy cord, thread it between the double bakers twine after the last bead on each end.
Tie the two loose cord ends together to form a loop.
There you go! That’s it. It’s that easy, now rock your new spooky accessory!

Yolanda (I didn’t name her, she’s a friend’s creepy hairdresser head. He found her in a cupboard.) is always my model when I’m having a bad hair day so enjoy her lovely  shots!
Girls’ got smizing down! (smiling with your eyes for those who have never seen a Top Model episode)
Til Next Time!

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