Simple Upcycled Collar Clips

May 30, 2016Sheri Pavlović

With all of the returning trends from the 90’s I think the funky accessories have to be my favourite. Those bold colours and whimsical shapes have definitely made a huge comeback so go ahead and whip up some head turning new gear for yourself!

Simple upcycled collar clips

Step up your unique style with my simple upcycled collar clips and fancy up any blouse!

simple upcycled collar clips

Snag some plastic clip on earrings, a bit of funky chain (or lace or fabric), a thick needle and a candle.

simple upcycled collar clips

Light the candle and carefully heat up the needle.

simple upcycled collar clips

Poke the hot needle through the plastic just under the bottom of the clips to create a clean hole.

simple upcycled collar clips

Attach each end of your chain through the holes.

simple upcycled collar clips

Clip to the ends of your collar and head out in fancy 90’s style!

Are you digging my salute to the 90’s bell sleeved blouse? Get the groovy video tute below:

For loads of fabulous upcycling DIYs take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!

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