Simple DIY Pine Cone Ornaments

December 2, 2014Allison Murray
Simple DIY Pine Corn Ornaments

Simple DIY Pine Corn Ornaments

I like to make my own Christmas ornaments. For one, homemade can be significantly cheaper than store bought ornaments.For another, they have more character and mean more than something you just pick up at the store.

So we went out to the cemetery, said hello to a few people long gone and collected a few bags of pine cones to turn into cute little ornaments with the nephews.

Simple DIY Pine Corn Ornaments

The end results were actually more impressive than we had initially thought. You know how sometimes kid crafts are, well, kind of ugly? But these beauties can be done by both adults and children alike and are quite stunning! So head on over to Mom Spark to see how to make your own simply stunning pine cone ornaments (and a silly one, too!)


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