Shoesday Tuesday – Jailhouse Striped Glitters!

May 1, 2012Allison Murray

Welcome to the third weekly Shoesday Tuesday! I decided to venture away from tennies this week (even though I have a TON of them) and do something a teensy bit different. Flats!

I have had these sparkly glitter flats since June of last year. I have not worn them. Not even once. Why not? I love shoes. I loved these shoes enough to buy them – why didn’t I wear them?

I found myself thinking that they were just too sparkly, which is weird. My sister and I (more so my sister) are often likened to monkeys. They really dig shiny things. So do we. Finding myself distracted by my shoes’ bling wasn’t something that I was anticipating.

So last week, digging through my shoe box of less worn treads, I ran across these beauties. I remembered seeing all over Pinterest all of the “spray paint the toe of your shoes for a new look” type of DIYs. I started off doing just that, but when I get to doing something, I tend to go a bit overboard. Which I guess is why I just kept on taping.

The end result, however, turned out to be super cool I think. In fact, I love them and had a really, really hard time NOT wearing them while they still reeked of spray paint and were still sticky! You don’t have to do this to glittery shoes – they can be ANY shoes. So grab them flats and let’s get on this thing.

This is a really easy DIY. For this project you’ll need:

Flats that you want to stripe up, masking tape in the width you want your stripes, plastic store bags and spray paint in your choice of color, spray polyurethane (optional).

STEP 1: Numero uno. Doesn’t look like much but it kind of is. Be sure to give your shoes a good once over with a rag. You don’t want to be permanently sticking anything untoward onto your shoes, so give ’em a good clean and let them dry.

STEP 2: Set your shoes side by side and begin taping them off. Start by marking off a line just above the toe on one shoe. Make sure your line is straight. Mimic the line on your other shoe, doing your best to mirror the placement. Going back to the first shoe, place your second piece of tape. Make sure that you leave free the amount of area that you want to be painted. Repeat on both sides of the shoe, and then on your second shoe. Keep doing this until you run into the heel. Tape off in your pattern, including the very back.

STEP 3: Go over the tape on your shoes a couple of times, pushing it down firmly so you get a nice, straight line. Shove your plastic bags (mine were from Wal-Mart – not that it matters) into your shoes to protect the inside and get to spraying. Go over each shoe with a light but even coat and repeat until you are happy with the cover (I used 5 thin coats).

If you want some extra protection to your paint job, go over once with spray polyurethane.

STEP 4: While your shoe is still tacky, start carefully removing the tape. Set somewhere safe (like away from cats that might want to sit on them while they’re sticky and leave a nice tuft of fur on the toe) and let dry completely.

Now you can get to getting, twinkle-toes! Hope your week has started off great and only gets better!

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