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December 29, 2014Allison Murray
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I went off to college, that first year I got asked the same questions over and over again. The first was “what is your major?” (of course!) and the second was “where are you from?”

I’d tell them and get a blank look on their faces. I quickly found a way for everybody to associate where I was from… “You know that town where you stop at Burger King to use the restroom and grab a bite or a drink on the way to Dallas?” And almost ALWAYS the response would be something like “hey, I go there all the time!”


Besides that little connection that helped me socialize my late teens to early twenties I’ve always loved Burger King. These days I can’t have the bun but Whopper is still a Whopper. Seriously it still tastes amazing and it’s still great! I think it’s the mayo or something :) And for ages and ages I’d only ever eat fries from BK because they’re the awesomest.

And when I heard that Burger King decided to give back bringing meals to those who need them, well that made my mouth water for a Whopper and a Cola-Cola then and there! Because I like to eat but I LOVE the idea of helping others.

So here’s how this thing goes down. Share Happiness Your Way is all about just that… sharing happiness your way. For ever Instagram or Twitter posts BK will donate $1 to Feeding America. That one buck may not sound a lot, but trust me… it is. That one dollar is TEN meals going to TEN people who need them. How amazing is that?

And you can help! Next time you’re at Burger King snap a pic and share it with the hashtag #ShareHappinessYourWay. Bing, bang, boom. One buck just went to feed ten people. It’s really that easy! Want to see my first share?

I love my job. I love my cats. But the fact that I can have both things together blows my mind. #ShareHappinessYourWay

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So head on out, grab a cold Coca-Cola, perhaps in one of the super cute because there are polar bears on it limited edition 40 ounce cup, and snap your pic of how you #ShareHappinessYourWay. You can also Check out for more information including donation progress and limits! 

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