No Sew Scarves

January 4, 2015Allison Murray
Make a no sew scarf easy as you please!

Make a no sew scarf easy as you please!

A couple of weeks back I found a sweater that I just loved. It was navy and lacy and perfect and I snapped it up without thinking twice. And while cute on its own, I just knew that it could be next level cute if only for the perfect scarf. I kept my eyes peeled but I never found “the one”.

I was so dedicated to this idea of a scarf to accompany the sweater that I refused to wear it. Yup, to this day it has hung on the hanger and the first wearing was by my dummy Lola.

Make a no sew scarf easy as you please!


But one day I found some of the most amazing plaid that was, wait for it, navy blue and green and, well, regular blue. I snapped up a yard (forgetting that I actually wanted 2) and set about to make a scarf so I could finally complete my outfit and wear my darn sweater already.

This project is for a no sew scarf, though, if I am being honest I actually did have to sew a single straight line to make mine. But that’s just because I bought the wrong yardage. Get your 2 yards, head on over to Mom Spark and let’s make some No Sew Flannel Scarves!

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  • Serenetta

    January 5, 2015 at 3:08 PM

    I think the sweater looks nicer without the scarf, but that’s just me.

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