Sculpey Doughnut Ring

February 21, 2015Rachil Luke

Hi everyone! Mmmmmm this weeks tutorial makes my mouth start to water. I have a huge sweet tooth and have been on a doughnut kick lately (as well as a Sculpey kick so this tutorial was bound to happen eventually) This project only takes a few minutes to make not counting drying and baking time. Find out how to make your own below!



  • Ring Blank
  • Sculpey Glue
  • Small amount of Tan Sculpey
  • Asst. Acrylic Paints
  • Small Paint Brush


Step 1: Roll your tan clay out into a thin log.

Form a circle with one end of the log. Pinch off the excess.

Shape and tidy up your doughnut, I used the handle of the paintbrush to make sure I got the center round enough.


Step 2: Apply some Sculpey glue to the ring base and then apply your doughnut to the surface.

Bake following the instructions on the package.

Step 3: Paint the frosting on your doughnut. Let dry.
Add sprinkles! Let dry.


Now wear with pride! Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve, but now you can wear your sweet tooth on your finger!
If you want to make some more awesome DIY accessories check out my Crochet Bow-Earwarmer or my Wishbone Necklace. See you guys next month and stay warm!
Til Next Time!


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