20 Minute Scarf Handbag at Mom Spark!

September 24, 2013Allison Murray
Make a handbag out of a scarf with tutorial at Mom Spark!

Make a handbag out of a scarf with tutorial at Mom Spark!

I talk about it a little more over at Mom Spark but I’m one of those gals who loves and buys scarves… that she never wears. I just feel so freaking stupid in them. It makes no sense to me how anybody could wear them and not feel like a dummy. But I’m working on it and every once in a while I buy a too cute scarf that never sees the light of day. Until now…

This super cute bird scarf once sat around my neck why I stared skeptically at myself in the mirror is now a super cute bag. In fact, it’ s pretty heavy duty one all things considered. It will hold 6 library books and a couple of notbooks no problemo. Plus, it was really easy to make. Like 20 minutes TOPS.

Just imagine all of the super cute handbags you can be carrying around in those super cute prints that scarves come in. Perhaps one day I’ll wear a scarf further than halfway down my driveway before ripping it off, but until then I’ll be refashioning them into something else! See the full tutorial at Mom Spark – 20 Minute Scarf Handbag Tutorial.


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