Rustic Christmas, Burlap Ornaments Tutorial

November 28, 2013Allison Murray
Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

To be honest I never thought the day would come… The day I willingly crafted with BURLAP. Now it’s not that I’m a craft snob. You know the type who refuses to craft up something simply because it’s popular. That’s not me. At all. It’s just that burlap is way too rustic in appearance for my usual taste in decor. But when Christmas rolls around things change. Actually they only recently changed.

My Christmas trees years past have been glam. Lots of glitter, lots of fancy ornaments, and sometimes lots of pink poodles. My dining room tree last year maintained the glam style with a black tree and red and white ornaments throughout. But my main tree, my living room tree, was more rustic with every ornament on it handmade by yours truly… and as it turns out, I really liked it. A lot. So this year I’m upping the ante with even more DIY decor including these simple burlap ornaments.

 For this project you will need:

  • Burlap by the yard (much cheaper!)
  • Styrofoam balls, 3 inch
  • Paper clips
  • Decorative what-nots like tiny pine cones or jingle bells (check out the scrapbooking holiday section)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wire
  • Pipe cleaners or thread

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

First take your burlap and cut into thin strips, about an inch wide. Burlap naturally frays and we’re going for that look so no worried when it starts to come undone on you. Your strips don’t need to be perfect, just cut and go.

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

Put a strip of hot glue directly onto your Styrofoam ball. Carefully pat the burlap down onto the Styrofoam being very careful because the glue will come up through the holes in the burlap.

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

Start wrapping the burlap around the ball and glue down when you reach the end. Keep adding strips until you are happy with the coverage… I used 2.5 per ornament.


Take some heavy duty wire (like from the toolbox) and cut a piece about 1.5 inches long. Bend over to form a “U” shape.

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

Push through the burlap and into the foam. Apply hot glue to keep firmly in place.

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

I found these super neat artificial pine pipe cleaners at Hobby Lobby so that is what I am using. You can also use a pretty thread.

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

If using a pipe cleaner, form a loo and the wrap the excess around the base of that loop.

Country chic burlap ornaments. Really easy tutorial!

Embellish your burlap ornaments as you see fit and you’re ready to start on the next one! Love these and totally down with a DIY Christmas? Check out this birch bark garland and these kind of rustic clothespin reindeer ornaments. PLUS, there is a whole gallery of Christmas goodness here! Happy Thanksgiving!

Comments (2)

  • Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    November 29, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    Yay! I love this, Allison! Welcome to the dark side of crafting with burlap! I, too, am often resistant to trends, but burlap is one I gave into last year…and I’m so glad I did. Its rustic charm just speaks to me…and so does this bright red burlap. And those pipe cleaners? I’ll be looking out for those at Hobby Lobby TOMORROW.

    1. Allison

      November 29, 2013 at 9:46 PM

      So glad you like them. The whole time I was making them I was thinking of you :) And those pipe cleaners are awesome. I walked past them several times not realizing what they were. When I did I got really excited with the lady next to me. Apparently she isn’t down with talking to strangers :) I hope you can find them and can’t wait to see what you create with them!

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