Rita’s Ice, Custard, Happiness Review

July 21, 2014Allison Murray

Thanks so much to Rita’s Ice, Custard, Happiness for sending us coupons for free frozen treats to help us with our post!


It all started one day when my mom noticed that a new ice cream place called Rita’s was building a location close to my parents’ house. Knowing I’d be coming down soon she thought it would be a great idea if I looked into their allergy info for gluten to see if it was some place I could try. Because she really, really wanted to. After learning that it was actually a pretty great place for a Celiac like me to get her dessert on, we got all sorts of excited and planned our trip.



We actually made two visits to check out what kind of goodness could be had at Rita’s Ice, a handful of coupons ready and waiting for our first visit. Now Rita’s has two different things, Italian Ice and Custard. With those two simple things, they can make a bazillion different treats. It’s pretty crazy, really.

You can order:

  •  traditional Italian Ice
  • cream ice — the traditional ice’s more creamy counterpart
  • frozen custard — like ice cream but richer
  • Gelati — custard and ice in your choice of flavors layered in a cup
  • Blendini – custard, ice and your choice of mix in (think candy or cookies) blended up something awesome <— this is my fave – can you tell?
  • Misto – custard and ice blended into a milkshake like drink
  • milkshakes – you know what those are, right?

Yes, I see that the kid's shirt is inside out AND backwards but there's really no point in making him change it around as he will argue about how it's so much more comfortable this way!

As it turned out, we’re big fans of Rita’s. The interior is stylish and fun and the boys like sitting at the tall bars that face out onto the street. The selection process is a bit daunting for them, so on both visits the youngest just got custard in a cone. The oldest got a bit more adventurous the next time and tried his own Blendini after coveting mine on the first visit!

We thought that everything tasted amazingly well and my dad was particularly fond of his Misto with strawberry custard and strawberry mango ice. It did smell freaking amazing.

While the treats are great, the price is kind of high meaning this is more of a special treat treat shop for us. On one visit with four of us visiting, the cost was over $20 for us all to have our own treat which is pretty high. On the next visit, with five of us visiting and using 3 coupons for free treats, we still spent just under $9. But if you’re in the mood to splurge, this is some super amazing custard and ice!

Thanks so much to Rita’s Ice, Custard, Happiness for sending us coupons for free frozen treats to help us with our post!

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