Refurbish a Vintage Magazine Rack

February 19, 2017Sheri Pavlović

One of the greatest perks of thrifting is (re)discovering a lost treasure from your childhood or stumbling upon a pre-loved item that reminds you of a special time from the past. Such was the case when I spotted a sorry looking vintage magazine rack that appeared to be the twin of one that housed my great aunt’s fashion magazines when I was a youngster. The memory of cozying up on the sofa and flipping through those glossy pages of glam with my auntie hit me right in the heart and so I just had to snap up that sad little rack and give it a makeover!

The next time you spy some vintage decor in less than stellar condition remember how simple it is to Refurbish a Vintage Magazine Rack and snap it up to add to your funky DIY collection!


That vintage magazine rack was rusty, moldy, smelly, squeaky and missing a couple protective feet, ew.

I removed the fabric from the metal frame and attempted to clean and freshen it with a few of my vintage fabric cleaning tips.

While the fabric was soaking I gave the rusty frame a few coats of the lovely blue spray paint I had in my stash.

The colour came out brilliantly and completely covered the rusty areas!

Unfortunately the fabric didn’t come entirely clean and was so old and fragile it ripped when I was wringing it out! I carefully took it apart to use as a template to create a new fabric basket for the fancy painted frame.

I searched through my stash, found a fab fabric and chopped out the pieces.

Stitched them all together securely.

Then carefully handstitched the fabric basket to the painted frame with a strong embroidery thread.

Four squares of felt and a few elastics created the perfect feet protectors for my refurbished magazine rack!

What an awesome improvement!

As I don’t actually have any magazines this fun bit of extra storage is currently used for the kiddo’s winter accessories and I’m sure will be just as useful for warm weather gear in the summer months!

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