Refashioning 101: Upcycled Accessories

April 6, 2015Sheri Pavlović

The wonderful world of refashioning isn’t limited to just textiles and clothing. A wealth of upcycling potential can be found in your junk drawer, scrap stash and amongst those broken bits at the bottom of your jewellery box!

Seeing the possibilties hidden within those bedraggled scraps and damaged trinkets is just one of the creative talents all refashionistas possess so raid your hoard of broken treasures, put on your thinking cap and let’s get making with Refashioning 101: Upcycled Accessories!


I discovered that fabulous bit of broken bling in a box inherited from my Great Aunt and knew with a little love I could have it wonderfully wearable again in no time!

I grabbed some glittery nail polish, my trusty pliers, an old necklace and some toothpicks for any detailed “poking” that might be needed.

I filled in each and every missing bit of bling with a drop of nail polish.

Once the nail polish was completely dry I removed the brooch pin and securely attached the necklace chain to the brooch clasp and post.

And my fabulous upcycled necklace was ready for action!

I absolutely love upcycling broken brooches into nifty necklaces but what about those little scraps we all have lurking in our stash? Take a gander at my Scrap Happy Bijou video and learn how to transform those bits of fabric into lurvly bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings!

And those chopped trouser and jean hems make fabulous embellished rings!

Create a quirky new belt from that extra tailor’s measure!

Creating awesome accessories to compliment your fabulous refashions is a snap with a bit of imagination and those groovy bits you just can’t seem to throw out!

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For more funky DIYs take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!

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