Refashioning 101: Terrific Textiles

May 11, 2015Sheri Pavlović

The textile and linens area of your fave thrift shop is chock full of an awesome variety of unique fabrics just waiting to be transformed into fabulous garments!

From vintage lace and embroidery to super soft cottons in funky prints, always be sure to check out the textile section when thrifting – amazing projects can be created out of those table cloths, bedsheets, curtains and doilies:

Every single outfit above was created with a bit of imagination and some groovy thrifted linens! Ready to get your refashion on? Then grab that funky thrifted tablecloth and join me for Refashioning 101: Terrific Textiles!

A fantastic embroidered top is a snap to make in under an hour! All you need is a pretty vintage tablecloth and a loose fitting shirt to use as a template. (make sure the width of the tablecloth is the same – or wider – than the width of your outstretched arms from wrist to wrist)

Fold the tablecloth in half lengthwise with right sides facing, then fold it in half again widthwise.

Fold your shirt in half and lay it on top of the tablecloth with the neckline at the top fold and folded sides lined up.

Chop out the basic sleeve and body shape of the shirt from the non-folded side.

Slice out the neckline shape as well.

Et voila! A perfect T-shaped top!

Stitch the front and back of the open sides and sleeves together.

Give the neckline/head opening a lovely clean edge with your rolled hem foot.

Enjoy your easy breezy embroidered top and raid your linen closet to create some more fabulous fashions!

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