Refashioning 101: Minor Adjustments

February 8, 2015Sheri Pavlović

Getting started refashioning can be intimidating. Making that first major chop or ripping out the seams of a garment definitely requires a bit of creative courage…especially when you haven’t a clue what the end result will look like!

Instead of diving head first into the refashioning deep end, begin with a project guaranteed to start your eco-fashion journey with the creative confidence needed to continue your budding passion for refashion! Remember, even minor adjustments can make an impressive difference!

Take a peek through your existing wardrobe and find something you like, rarely wear but just can’t seem to part with. Try it on and let loose that refashionista creativity!

Here’s how it’s done – Refashioning 101: Minor Adjustments

That tunic has been lurking at the back of my closet for longer than I like to admit. Although I do think it’s lovely, I don’t actually like tunics and will never wear it as it is so it’s time to bust out the scissors and get cutting!

First, I decided how long I wanted my shirt to be, added a couple centimeters for seam allowance and chopped on through!

Then hemmed up the raw edge with my rolled hem foot.

I couldn’t let that gorgeous embroidery on the bottom of the tunic go to waste so I chopped it out…

and stitched it around the cuffs of my pretty new top!

With only a few simple minor adjustments I’ve transformed a tunic that I never wore into a top that will be a warm-weather favourite!

Creating your own unique sustainable style is a snap (and oh-so-addicting)! Once you make that very first chop, you won’t want to stop!

Have a fab dress that needs some minor adjustments? Check out the video below and discover my quick & easy method to make that groovy dress fit like a dream:


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  • Heidi

    February 10, 2015 at 9:56 AM

    small change – big difference! love it!

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