Refashioning 101: Mend and Make Do

January 4, 2016Sheri Pavlović

Creating and upcycling a sustainable wardrobe doesn’t always have to involve fancy schmancy refashioning transformations. Quick and simple alterations to the less than stellar garments lurking at the back of your closet can dramatically improve their appearance, comfort and fit and even revamp them into wardrobe faves!

Refashioning 101 Mend & Make Do

Discover how to revive your unworn gear in minutes, shorten those jeans while keeping that cool original hem, tailor a dress to fit and upsize a blouse with my Refashioning 101: Mend and Make Do!

Mend and Make Do Replace missing buttons

This gorgeous crushed velvet vintage jacket had been missing its top two buttons for ages but I knew that with a bit of patience and charity shop digging I’d be able to find a couple that would match closely enough to work…

Mend and Make Do Replacing Buttons after

Et voila! A simple button replace has revived this vintage treasure and transformed it into a fab wardrobe statement!

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Shortening those steal-of-a-deal but just too long jeans and trousers that have been hiding in your drawers is a snap! Here’s my simple method for achieving the perfect length and keeping those cool original hems intact:

how to shorten pants keep the original hem

Fold those too long pants in half lengthwise and lay them on a flat surface.

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Snag a pair of jeans with your desired leg length, fold them in half lengthwise and place them on top of the pants to be shortened with the waistbands evenly lined up, then mark about 1cm shorter than you’d like the final length to be.

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Chop off the ends of the legs at your mark.

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Snip off the excess fabric around the original hems leaving a few millimeters seam allowance for reattaching to the pants.

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Pop the hems over the bottom of the chopped legs with right sides facing and the sides seams lined up.

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Stitch them together sewing as close to the original seam as possible without stitching over it.

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Flip the hems down and zigzag over the outside seams for extra strength and to help prevent fraying. (I like to use a slightly different yet coordinating thread colour to add a bit of extra detail)

how to shorten pants & keep the original hem

Hooray! The perfect length and that groovy orginal hem is still there!

If you have a blouse or top that you’re itching to wear but it’s just too tight in the chestal region follow my easy video tute and make it fit great in minutes:

A too big dress is cinch to take in and tailor to your perfect fit with my detailed DIY:

Check out my entire Refashioning 101 series right here.

For more funky DIYs take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!

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  • Laurie

    June 21, 2016 at 4:41 PM

    I have always taken my clothes somewhere to be altered. My mother-in-law though is good at altering her own clothes. Interesting technique hemming the pants, thanks for sharing!

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