Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

February 1, 2016Sheri Pavlović

Dudes can absolutely step out in sustainable ethical style just as much as rockin’ refashionistas! Unfortunately DIYs and upcycling tutes for guys are few and far between, fortunately I’ve come up with more than a few fancy refashioning projects that’ll take any dude’s wardrobe from boring to brilliant!

Refashioning 101 DIYs for Guys

Grab some drab menswear and make it fab with my Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys!

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys


Ugh! Too short sleeves are definitely an annoyance for loads of long armed guys – here’s a funky quick fix that actually results in two groovy new wardrobe faves!

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

Grab a couple of button-up shirts with too-short sleeves and chop the arms off of one of them just above the elbow area.

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

Carefully cut off the cuffs as close to the seam as possible.

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

Overlap and align the end of the chopped cuffs with the end of shirt cuffs and pin in place.

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

Stitch them together.

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

Hooray! The perfect sleeve length is achieved in minutes!

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

And the cuffs are totally funky and absolutely unique!

But what about the shirt with the chopped sleeves?

Refashioning 101: DIYs for Guys

Simply give them a cool cuffed hem by folding the raw ends up twice and stitching them in place!

Transform two boring button downs with my 2 in 1 shirt refashion:

Liven up a plain shirt with a quick and easy personalized monogram:

Take a peek at my super simple solution for getting rid of those annoying printed on logos and tags:

Dudes deserve to rock refashioned sustainable style too so I’ve gathered my favourite Confessions of a Refashionista DIYs for Guys into one convenient e-book! My Confessions of a Refashionista: DIYs for Guys contains 12 projects with easy to follow tutorials & full colour step by step photos for everyone from first-time upcyclers to experienced Refashioners. Get it here!

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For more funky DIYs take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!



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