Pompom Lamp Makeover

May 23, 2017Allison Murray

Turn a thrift store lamp into a quirky, fun and one of a kind bit of kitsch to perfectly light up your world (on the cheap!)

I have never really traveled. As a kid my family went to California once and then to Colorado year after year, which both are technically travelling but while we did new stuff here and there on each visit we were largely returning to the same places. Now there were times where some weekends we’d get in the car and just go and wind up spending the night in Arkansas or New Mexico or someplace within a day’s drive. We’ stay at a hotel before heading back home so we could get back to school on Monday. Some of those times it would have been totally spontaneous and we’d have to head into Sears or someplace for a cheap change of clothes the next morning. But we never got very far and the trip mostly consisted of us sitting in the car getting there and then getting back home. Now I love a good car ride and I think this is largely why but I still feel like I haven’t really traveled though I have ridden in a car extensively :)

Now Mr. Rob, on the other hand has been all over world. Literally, the world. He lived in Saudia Arabia as a kid and has traveled to Europe as an adult on more than one occasion. He has very often taken to explain to me the virtues of travel to make a well rounded individual to explain why we need to hop on a plane and go somewhere. 

We’ve decided jointly, though a little more Rob than me, truth be told because I am frightened, to budget in travel funds and go someplace we’ve never been every year. Now for me that’s super easy because I’ve never been anywhere :) but travel is EXPENSIVE. Our first trip has been all planned out and we’re going to Puerto Rico and I’m equally excited and scared to death and I’m literally only going so I can see monkeys. Literally, y’all.


But I’m still totally wigging out, even with the lure of monkeys… A news alert popped up on my computer and informed small plane crashed on its way to PR from Florida and the passengers died and I ran to Rob and asked if we needed to start researching the Bermuda Triangle. He told me that what we needed to do was breathe a minute and settle down :)

Turn a thrift store lamp into a quirky, fun and one of a kind bit of kitsch to perfectly light up your world (on the cheap!)

But what does all of this business have to do with a lamp? Well it centers around on that expensive bit. A round-trip flight for 2 can easily cost over a thousand dollars and then there are hotel rooms, ticket prices for activities, everyday essentials like food and medication, car rental, parking fees and of course a budget for a little bit of shopping to bring home souvenirs for the family. Ack! Just writing that all down makes my cheap little heart want to explode. BUT I’m excited to try something new. Maybe it won’t be for me and when I get home I’ll kiss the ground at the airport and never, ever dream of straying far from home again. But maybe I’ll love it and I’ll work hard to save money to see the world. Who knows. This coin flip could easily go one way or the other and though my stomach has butterflies I’m excited to see how it pans out.

But back to this darn lamp, though, right? I wanted a new lamp for the living room because I’ve been having a hard time sleeping and I get up really, really early these days. And I sit in my big yellow chair and wait for the sun to rise enough to be able to read my book. But I squinty eye it before I technically have enough light because I get impatient because the only other option is the overhead which will inadvertently light up the master a bit and I don’t want to bother Rob because it isn’t his fault I can’t sleep. But we’re on a budget and there just isn’t room for expensive lamps. So we hit up the thrift stores and I made this super heavy, super fun and gigantic lamp for around $25 total. Boom. Not bad, right? Plus it’s technically a work thing since I turned it into a tutorial and I have to work so that we can go on these fancy schmancy trips :)

Want to see how I turned an okay brass lamp into a kitschy, colorful thing of wonder that will help minimize the wrinkles I’m developing between my eyes due to squinting? Head on over to Mom Spark and see how I made this fabulous, if I do say so myself, and totally on budget pompom lamp that totally lit up my world as I read and drank coffee this morning! –> Upcycled Lamp with a Pompom Shade.

Turn a thrift store lamp into a quirky, fun and one of a kind bit of kitsch to perfectly light up your world (on the cheap!)

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