Petz Beach – an 8 Year Old’s Video Game Review

November 3, 2014Allison Murray
Ubisoft Petz Beach video game review by an 8 year old!

Ubisoft Petz Beach video game review by an 8 year old!


So I called up my sister and asked “do you think Con would want to review a Petz video game on the 3DS?” Then it was explained to me about how his absolutely favorite video game of all time was UbiSoft Petz Bunnyz and I heard a declaration of how the kid was going to wig out.

Ubisoft Petz Beach video game review by an 8 year old!
There is the kid holding onto his DS playing the game while Mom is finishing up his geek costume we featured last week and giving him some pose ideas. He had that thing constantly the moment the cellophane came off of his copy of Petz Beach!


And guess what? He totally did. It just so happened that Petz Beach is a video game from a franchise he’s obviously nuts about on his 8th birthday.  And wig out he most certainly did. And then he sat there and played Petz Beach forever. It was like he was glued to that little red thing. And it turns out that the game is really pretty cool for kids.

After asking what the whole premise of this thing was he told me that you have pets and you take care of them and you earn money for taking care of them that you can then spend on them. He then explained to me how you have to work to earn the money to buy the things a pet needs and I thought that was a fabulous little lesson he’s learned and from a video game of all places.

Ubisoft Petz Beach video game review by an 8 year old!

Even though there are over 40 animals to choose to play with, Con was really excited to get a puppy. See the cutie he picked out up there? I sat behind him for a while and I realized something… I’m terribly impatient and even when installing software I just hit ‘next’. I don’t read anything (sometimes to my detriment) and it is the same with video games. Next, next, next… let’s get to the action already. BUT little man was reading every word to come across that screen. So that was another thing I was really happy about, not only is he surprisingly learning valuable life lessons but also practicing his reading skills.

We sat out on the porch with the sun setting and I asked for his review. He told me he wasn’t keen on the 3D, but I learned he doesn’t actually play any of the games in 3D ever so that wasn’t a huge surprise. He said there were lots of places you could go and that was really cool, but he didn’t go to the beach so much. “And, you know, it’s Petz BEACH so I hope it’s okay that I’m not going to the beach.” Totally cool with me! I explained that this is a newer game with newer technology and that the game would expand as he played it. I was told that is pretty much “leveling up”. OK.

Ubisoft Petz Beach video game review by an 8 year old!

And though I didn’t tell him at the time, there’s also a new game out by Ubisoft called Petz Countryside. Seeing how much he loves this game (and his bunny game that he’s apparently been playing for like 3 years straight without getting the least bit bored) I think he just might be getting another game for Christmas.

Because man does this kid love this game and it’s a great game for kids. No violence or anything crazy goes down in this game. It’s just kids playing with and taking care of virtual pets (OMG I just thought of my Tamogachi!) and learning about responsibility. Oh, and I totally forgot the game also pulls info from Encyclopedia Brittanica with info and neat facts about animals as you play! So as long as he’s having fun, he doesn’t even really notice that he’s learning. But I know that his mom and I noticed and we’re are both really happy with it! Get your kid’s copy here and be all set for Christmas!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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