Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets

October 14, 2013Allison Murray
Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

I’m so excited today because I’ve got one of my favorite crafty bloggers guest posting! Pink Stripey Socks has been quite an inspiration to me. Anyone who has visited my Tumblr blog knows just how much I love Leslie and her crafts (check out all of her projects I’ve featured!) When Leslie sent over her guest post I was stoked because I am super in love with her perler bead bracelets. They’re fun, they’re cheap and they’re pretty. So when this bracelet post came hurtling at me through email I must have had the craziest smile on my face. I’m so excited to share with you Leslie from Pink Stripey Socks and another one of her amazing Perler bead creations!

My name is Leslie and I blog over at Pink Stripey Socks.(Thank you Allison, for inviting me over!)

I’m a stay-at-home mom by day and a craft enthusiast at night.  I’m also an uber cheapie, so a lot of my crafts involve recycled or very affordable materials.

Currently I’m going through a Perler Bead phase.  Ever since I bought a tub at Ikea, I’ve been trying my darndest to use up the entire lot. (You can check out some of my Perler Bead projects here.)  Of all the crafts I’ve made, Perler Bead stretch bracelets are my favorites so far.  They’re colorful and unique pieces of arm candy that just make me happy whenever I wear them.

So today I thought I’d share how I made these two super cute Perler Bead bracelets.  The blue and white one is my “fish” bracelet and the yellow and orange one is my “fruit” bracelet.

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

Both follow the same stringing pattern, so I’ll just share how I made the blue and white fish bracelet.  You can easily change the colors to make the fruit bracelet.  Alright, let’s get stringing!

  • Perler beads
  • Scissors
  • 1mm Elastic Cord

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

1. Cut out a strand of cord.  (It really doesn’t matter what length you choose  Most likely you’ll end up tying on more coding later.)  Tie on a bead to act as a stopper.  (Choose whatever color you want.  I chose black.  You’ll end up removing this bead at the end.)

2. String on six blue beads.  (I labeled the beads in the photo with numbers to help out with the next step. ) These six beads will be your first column of beads.

3. Now you’re going to add your second column of beads.  Add on a your 7th blue bead.  Then, slip your string through your 5th blue bead. Add your 8th blue bead.  Then, slip your string through your 3rd blue bead.  Then, add on your 9th blue bead.  Then, slip your string through your 1st blue bead.  Pull tight!

Now you’ve got the basis for the rest of your bracelet.  See how some portions of the bracelet jut out and some portions of the bracelet don’t?  As you continue to build your bracelet, you’ll alternate between adding a bead to fill in a gap, and stringing your cord through a bead that juts out.

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

4.   Now we’re going to string one fish.  Remember to pull your string tight after stringing each column of beads.

  • Column 3: Add a blue bead, string through  9th blue bead bead, add a white bead, string through 8th blue bead, add another white bead, string through 7th blue bead (From now on, I’ll just tell you what color beads to add.  Rememberto alternate between adding a new bead and stringing through a bead that’s jutting out.)
  • Column 4: Blue, white, blue
  • Column 5:Blue, blue, blue
  • Column 6: Blue, white, blue

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

  • Column 7:  Blue, white, white
  • Column 8:  Blue, white, blue
  • Column 9:  Blue, white, white
  • Column 10: Blue, white, blue

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

  • Column 11:  Blue, white, white
  • Column 12:  Blue, white, blue

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

And now you’ve got yourself a little Perler bead fish.  Add a couple of columns of blue beads and then make some more fish.  (I chose to alternate heights to make the bracelet a bit more interesting.)

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

5.  Once your bracelet fits your wrist and both ends fit together like zipper teeth, string your cord through both sides of the bracelet and pull tight.  Remove the stopper bead and tie your beginning and ending cords together.

Fruit and Fish Perler Bead Bracelets with Pink Stripey Socks!

Voila. You’re done.

Fish and fruit perler bead stretch bracelet 9
Super cute right? I wore the fruit one the other day and got a couple of compliments on it, which made me feel pretty good. I hope you have fun making your own. Happy Perler Bead crafting!

Thanks again, Leslie for such a fun and amazing guest post!Be sure to head on over to Pink Stripey Socks to see everything crafty Miss Leslie has to offer!

Comments (8)

  • Leslie

    October 14, 2013 at 7:39 AM

    Thanks for having me over! :) Can’t wait to see your lovely shoe post…

    1. Allison

      October 14, 2013 at 2:53 PM

      Thanks for guesting! I truly love these bracelets so, so much! Your shoe post is just about ready – if only the sun would comply with my need to take pictures, grrr. :)

  • Susan Call Hutchison

    October 14, 2013 at 11:05 PM

    So fun to see Leslie guest posting. I love her sense of play and her amazing ability to see beautiful possibilities in the simplest materials. And now she’s introduced me to you! Wins all around.

    1. Allison

      October 15, 2013 at 9:28 AM

      I’m so glad! I also think Leslie is amazing and I’m very happy that you like my blog also :)

  • Liz Queenlila

    October 15, 2013 at 2:32 PM

    beading has always looked so intimidating to me, but maybe with perler beads it’s a bit easier? I’ll have to give it a try and see!

    1. Allison

      October 15, 2013 at 4:30 PM

      I’m thinking the same thing, Liz… I’ve even got beading needles and everything to try it out, but I’m going perler beads first. Kind of like how little kids use the big lego blocks :)

  • Stan Alderson

    October 17, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    Thanks for showing us how to do it, Leslie! I’m just amazed how the same pattern could turn out to be a fish and fruit at the same time. :)

    1. Allison

      October 18, 2013 at 9:09 AM

      That is pretty nifty, isn’t it, Stan?

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