My Perfect Living Room Designs with Kalaty Rugs

October 14, 2014Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kalaty Rug for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Window shopping is one of my favorite things. Perhaps it is due in part to my Mimmie being partial to “peeping windows” of homes that were for sale. We weren’t really looking for a home, but that didn’t mean we weren’t curious to know what they looked like inside. This was before realtor websites where you can take a virtual tour of any home on the market. Nowadays you can “peep the windows” without anyone ever knowing. I, on the other hand, had a tendency to get scrapes from being hoisted up high to see in windows above eye level(and describe what I saw to the adults below) and dirty shoes on muddy days.

These days I’m not so interested in peeping windows, but like I said, this  window shopping thing is so much fun for me. In the days of Pinterest and online shopping I will “buy” a dozen couches a week. It may be ridiculous, but I’ll painstakingly search for the perfect coffee table and rug and lamps to go in my imaginary new rooms.


Today I’m excited because I’m sharing with you 3 of these rooms in 3 very different styles of rugs from Kalaty that all still feel incredibly “me”. If you’ve never checked out, you’re totally missing out. They’ve got amazingly modern rugs that still hold true to the classics of Oriental rugs. These aren’t your mud room rugs, these are amazing pieces that will last a lifetime and will be cherished family heirlooms. In my opinion, this is one of the BEST places online to look at rugs when piecing together your new room (in reality or in your dreams!)

In my living room, I had the same rug for 9  years. It was a very good quality rug and gigantic (8×10) and took up the majority of the floor. Furniture has come and gone with that rug as the theme for its style. A good rug can make or break a room and it can pull everything together! I LOVE RUGS – a fact which is very well known on this blog! 

kalaty-sw-dreamalittlebiggerLet’s get to the business of this and see my new room creations based off of 3 of my fave rugs from Kalaty… first up we have Southwest. All in all, it’s a genre that I do not care for. Perhaps it is because my home growing up had lots and lots of SW themed stuff in it as a child that it kind of burned me out? So I figured that putting together a style that was still me based off of a style I generally steer clear of would be a hard task. But in the end, I LOVE this look! SW-rug-room-wishlist-dreamalittlebigger I set this rug up with a rustic, orb chandelier and a matching side table. The leather sofa is contemporary but fits in well with the rug and brings out a pop of “modern” that makes the whole room feel very “me” and goes so well with a teal wall color. Finalized with some rustic chic art from Minted, this room is ready to go. And I LOVE it! 

PF-340From the Contemporary collection, this red hot beauty is an attention grabber and a total show stopper. Those colors instantly had my attention and I just knew it would look fab with a yellow sofa I’ve had my eye on and some maple finish furniture. I know that is not the first instinct most would have, but I love a faint yellow with red so much! Set up with some clean, white walls, the rug and sofa take center stage for a living room you want to sink into! contemporarty-rug-room-wishlist-dreamalittlebigger Warm and inviting, this look reminds me of smiles and comfortable chats with a mug of tea and a good friend. There’s a lot of color but it’s all fairly understated in spite of that, I think. The images from Minted are ones I’ve had my eye on for ages and fit in with the whole look perfectly with this amazingly contemporary rug! 

IKATLast, but certainly not least is this fabulous ikat rug that screams comfy bohemian vibe. The colors are great, and I can’t help but notice will help prevent this bad boy from staining up at all. And that’s a great thing when you have cats because they make insane messes! ikat-rug-room-wishlist-dreamalittlebigger Teal and a mustard yellow together are two of my favorite colors. And if you’re wondering, yeah, I totally am desperate to trade my big brown sofas in for a light and happy yellow beauty! This look is more comfy cozy and with some interesting art and a fun, teal colored pendant lamp look like some place you could settle in and feel right at home even the first meeting! Some light gray walls help the colors of the art really pop and borrow from the gray elements that are less noticeable in the rug, subtly making an impact on the look and feel.

So what do you think? After my little show room of imagined living rooms are you all about Kalaty Rugs as much as I am? If so you can keep up with what they’re putting down over at Kalaty’s Pinterest, Kalaty’s Facebook page and Kalaty’s Twitter!

And before I go, if you just so happened to window shop yourself in love with a Kalaty Rug, here’s your opportunity to win one! Enter to win between 10/1 and 12/13. If you win you’ll be notified by 12/17 (what a fab Christmas present, eh?) You can’t win if you don’t enter so do so below!

And be sure to tell me… which look is your favorite? My leather and rustic Southwest style, red hot contemporary or midnight and mustard boho ikat?

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