Peace, Love and a Hippie Costume Tutorial

October 27, 2014Allison Murray
Peace, Love and a Hippie Costume Tutorial

Peace, Love and a Hippie Costume Tutorial

One of my favorite movies is PCU. For real. I watched that movie a million times in high school and college. My Pop actually started to watch it with my sister and I way back in the summer before my freshman year when he informed my sister and I that if we ever acted that way he would find us and we would regret it. Big time. And we believed him.

Ever since seeing the movie on HBO while on vacation in Colarado I developed a strong, life-long love of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic and a temporary crush on Jeremy Piven. And though they aren’t the main focus, the hippies were one of my favorite parts. Especially the hippie-lympics where it “doesn’t matter who wins ’cause they’re all losers”. My favorite hippie, for whatever reason, is the super giggly Kosmo.

So in  honor of one of my favorite movies of all time, I decided to make my little nephew into Kosmo from PCU. BUT you might have noticed that isn’t a little boy, but instead a gorgeous little gal!


This little one wanted to play dress up after the circus, and luckily her Jennifer and Auntie A had a whole stash of Halloween costumes to raid. She decided she wanted to be a hippie and that was that! While I dyed tops and pants, the pants just didn’t fit her. Instead the top was long enough for a dress with little shorts underneath. So whether it’s for a guy or gal, here’s how to make your little one, too.


  • White long underwear
  • Tie dye
  • Sherpa vest (optional)
  • Hippie wig (optional)
  • Big glasses (optional)
  • Love beads (optional)
  • Flower crown (optional)

Peace, Love and a Hippie Costume Tutorial

Since I couldn’t find an itty bitty caftan on short notice, I went for the colorful (although not technically tie dyed) union suit Kosmo dons in the movie. I guess I kind of blended the outfit with the tie dye Mersh wears. I also couldn’t get a union suit locally for a little one so I instead bought up some white long johns from Walmart.

Now before you bang your head on the wall looking for little white long undies for boys, they don’t make them so you’ll need to raid the little girl’s section for boys and girls! Buy a size up for boys and all should be well, though you may need to cut some length off of the bottoms if they are way too long. This also saves you from having to sew up any holes that could cause issues in the bottoms.

Peace, Love and a Hippie Costume Tutorial

First things first, the long undies were tie dyed in a spiral pattern. I actually used some left over dye which made for a cheap, cheap project!

Peace, Love and a Hippie Costume Tutorial

I had purchased a hippie wig, but it wound up not being used because Journey here has gorgeous curly hair that looks just hippie enough! My sister pulled some branches off of the shrubs out front and then a few roses off of the bush and using a twist tie secured the shrub cuts into a halo. Next the roses were hot glued onto the halo.

Peace, Love and a Hippie Costume Tutorial

To finish the costume, this hippie gal donned love beds (.99 in the party section at Wal-Mart) and a Sherpa coat liner from the thrift store… a score of a deal at only $1. All tags were removed with a pair of nippers and all was well!

We had a pair of yellow oversized hippie glasses that just wouldn’t stay on little miss’ face so they were tossed to the side, so all in all, this costume cost $12 for the long johns, necklaces and vest! And Journey loved her costume so much, she even wore it to school the next day!

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