Patriotic Fringed Purse

June 18, 2016Allison Murray
Turn a $6 purse into a patriotic fringed dream!

Turn a $6 purse into a patriotic fringed dream!

I’m not quite sure why my style tends to change so much. Last year I was all tucked polo shirts and colorful chino shorts and this year I’m all loose, flowy dresses and boho accessories. It might be because I’ve put on a bit of weight making me feel more comfortable in these dresses but, honestly, who knows.

My standard casual outfit hasn’t changed much, if at all, though. I’m a tee shirt and jeans kind of a girl all of the way. I’m finding it a bit fun to add the boho things that I love in with the standard jersey and denim outfit of my normal day and I love that I can mix it up without having to do anything more than toss on a new bag.

Turn a $6 purse into a patriotic fringed dream!

When I found this bag for about $6 from Amazon  (HOLY FLIPPIN’ COW – pay attention because the price of this sucker went up to $32! and it isn’t good enough quality for that AT ALL! Watch for it to go back down in price!) I loved the fringed look and the size. After carrying bags around that get so full the straps leave uncomfortable marks in my shoulders after being carried around for a bit I’m going with little bags that just can’t get that full. Like, it just isn’t physically possible.

At any rate this little and inexpensive bag was just dying for a makeover so I went all Patriotic. It was kind of a pain in the neck figuring out how to NOT get paint all over everything so be sure to head on over to Mom Spark to see just how I was able to make it work. P.S. I now LOVE this bag and I think I just might rock it all summer long :) Visit the Patriotic Fringed Bag tutorial at Mom Spark!

Turn a $6 purse into a patriotic fringed dream!

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