Painted Saddle Shoes Redux!

September 10, 2013Allison Murray
Paint up some faux saddle shoes with tutorial over at Mom Spark!

Paint up some faux saddle shoes with tutorial over at Mom Spark!

So you want some painted saddle shoes and you want me to show you how to make them? I say faux sho’ :)

I totally dig the shoe makeover. I know it you, you know it, freaking craftgawker knows it. My very first ever shoe makeover I shared on this blog was a pair of faux saddle shoes that I made with nothing more than a fabric Sharpie. You can check out that tutorial here.

I really didn’t’ know if I should even share the project because it was so simple, but it was really well received and featured on a few really big blogs. And that was super exciting for a blog that was only 2 months old! The shoes made their way down to my sister, who apparently always needed a pair of painted saddle shoes. I gave them to her and she wore the saddle bits right off of them. Yes, when I last saw those shoes they were barely tinted gray.

So I remade the tutorial with a bit more detail and using Tulip fabric paint which will definitely stand the test of time considerably better. Head on over to Mom Spark to check out the tutorial and make your own pair of super sweet painted saddle shoes!

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