Origami Hopping Frogs

September 1, 2015Allison Murray
Make origami hopping frogs just like in the good old days!

Make origami hopping frogs just like in the good old days!

It’s amazing how time can completely wipe over something I have known how to do so well. That whole saying, like riding a bike? Well, that’s bull because I totally couldn’t remember how to ride and had to relearn all over again!

These little paper frogs were something I made obsessively in the third grade. We would have competitions to see whose would hop the highest. It happened so fast that no one could really tell in the end but we had judges and all.

Things have been stupid busy. Like STUPID BUSY to the point I’m having a hard time checking emails and getting work done.  I’ve got to clear out my house in time for closing, get all of that stuff moved to 750 miles south to Brownsville where Rob and I have been looking for our new home (and did, score!) and the time involved being around for somebody who is really, really hurt. So I was hanging out in a waiting room at the hospital while Daddy had back surgery and nothing much to do. I pulled origami paper out of my backpack and set to making little paper hopping frogs and giving them to children. In the end it seemed a good tutorial so I’m sharing that today over at Mom Spark! So check out how to make Origami Jumping Frogs over yonder!


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