OMG Pizza Waffles

September 22, 2016Allison Murray
OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

So one day I promised Mr. Rob I’d make pancakes. I love eating pancakes but hate making them. It’s so. much. work. Why is it so much work? I asked if waffles would be an acceptable substitute to which he said yes. I then explained I needed a ride to Kohl’s. So we went from dinner being whipped up to having to head to town to purchase an item so I could make dinner later. I’ve really got to hand it to him… he just goes with the crazy flow I’ve got going on.

That night we ate waffles and they were a thing of beauty. Since I’m gluten free Rob also eats GF because it’s just simpler. It always sucks when you have to worry about cross contamination in your own home. Our small pantry isn’t bursting with both wheat and gluten free items, like a million pastas and breads because we just buy the one. It’s terribly convenient but I’ve been gluten free so many years now that I have forgotten what “real” foods taste like. I’m not even sure how big his sacrifice is, to be honest, but it’s quite appreciated.

That night I made us waffles and I learned something amazing. By placing my gluten free batter in the waffle iron instead of the skillet the thing that came out was dense and held together really well. These waffles were far better and more like I remember “real” waffles tasting than any pancakes I’ve ever made with the same batter. And so, that was the night I fell in love with a waffle iron.


OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

Within days Rob and I were dreaming up a gazillion things to put in our waffle iron. Trust me, we have a GAZILLION things we’re going to make with this sucker eventually. The top idea on both of our lists was pizza waffles. We went to several stores trying to find a pizza dough mix that was both gluten free and available locally. In the end we found two and have tried them both. Our findings?

As far as I can tell Hodgson Mill Pizza Crust Mix is the best gluten free pizza crust out there. It’s got that lovely yeasty flavor that I haven’t had in pizza in years and years. The dough holds together well but it rises like nothing you’ve ever seen before. This was our first attempt dough which was a bit of a nightmare because we didn’t know what we were doing but that’s on us, not the product. (read below!) Taste, texture, it’s all gravy, man. SO good. It’s affordably priced, also. You can get a 6 pack for around $3.66 a box (at current prices, mind) if you buy on Amazon which is a lot less than the $6 we paid for it in the store. We used half of the dough for dinner and the remainder for lunch pizza waffles the next day. The next day, though, the waffles had a bit of a weird texture after refrigerating the dough overnight. The taste was still there, we just didn’t care for the change in texture. (it was cake-y, I guess is the best way to put it)

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

The next we tried was Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix which we paid $5 for locally. We weren’t terribly impressed with the flavor but we did like the texture, dense, chewy and lovely. If you purchase from Amazon (at current prices) they’re around $5.25 a bag which is considerably more expensive than the first. The next day, however, after refrigerating half of the dough the lunch pizza waffles were even better than the day before so if you can refrigerate the dough overnight you might have a winner here. After refrigeration the flavor a bit stronger/better but the texture remained awesome.

Oh, and by the by, yeast rises and rises and we almost broke our “fancy” waffle maker. I went and hid behind the refrigerator while shouting “is it going to explode?” worried that we were about to have some seriously hot metal flying through the air. The dough kept expanding and expanding like something out of a Willy Wonka movie and we stood there, for a stupidly long time just watching it like “what?” before both of us went our separate ways to take cover. In the end I realized that the food had to come out of the thing eventually so I ran over and had to forcefully remove it (it’s one of those ones you twist upside down to cook and it did not want to go right side up again!)

Deciding we didn’t want to break our “fancy” waffle iron Rob ran into town on our most recent pizza waffle night and purchased us one that is less expensive and doesn’t lock twist and lock. This one the lid just rests on top of the bottom and can rise with the dough if necessary. It was a wise purchase in the end as neither one of us found ourselves cowering anywhere while supper cooked. Ha! In the end, I’d highly recommend using this type of maker and I’m linking to the one Rob got that night below.

To make pizza waffles you will need:

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

Whether you use pre-made or homemade dough, get that business ready.  For some reason using a waffle iron seems like incredibly hectic business so get your ingredients to where they are easily accessible. So far we’ve only done cheese and pepperoni together and it’s such a classic combination that we haven’t strayed from it though Rob is about ready to try something new.

For each waffle you’re going to use 3 balls of dough, quite similar in size to golf balls. Using 2 spoons you can easily turn your dough into a bunch of little golf ball sized pieces to make this go even more smoothly.

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

Grease your maker and the place 3 balls of dough around the center of a hot iron. Top with pepperoni and cheese and place a fourth ball of dough right on top.

If your waffle maker is non-stick (and I think they all should be, right?) the cheese and meat will not stick to the waffle iron but instead sort of sear in this totally delish way.

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

The waffle iron will hiss and steam and a little bit of cheese or pepperoni grease might drip out. We like to cook our waffles on medium heat for about 5-7 minutes for a slightly crispy outside.

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

Ooh, see where the cheese and pepperoni sort of seared or burned or whatever on the right there? That right there is some kind of amazing I can’t even put into words. YUM!

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

They aren’t perfectly round but they are perfectly tasty.

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

Fresh off of the maker the cheese inside is melty and amazing. That is some of the best ooey, gooey, goodness in the whole world right there, my friends.

Now we dip ours in warm pizza sauce but I lived in southern Oklahoma long enough to know that these suckers would be equally amazing dipped in ranch dressing. Toss in some sausage or mushrooms or onions or whatever you please and you’ll have the most perfect little pizza waffle ever. I swear to you, this is one of our favorite things in the ENTIRE WORLD right now and we’ve made them weekly since our first go. As we ate supper the other night after each making our own perfect pizza waffle I smiled and told Rob that this was one of my favorite things in the world right now and he wholeheartedly agreed. Move over pizza bagels, long live the pizza waffle!

OMG pizza waffles! Move over pizza bagels, you just got owned. YUM!

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