#ohsofamous Summer Styles

May 19, 2015Allison Murray
#OhSoFamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.

header-2-famous-footwear-dreamalittlebigger-600x723Hey there. Remember me? I’m that lady who is crazy for shoes. There’s a reason really. No matter how skinny or how plump you become shoe sizes stay pretty darn consistent. I can buy a pair of fabulous heels when I’m at my heaviest and I will still be able to rock them at my lightest. That is pretty awesome. Jewelry is the same and I like it but I really, really dig shoes. So much that I have 74 shoe makeovers and shoe posts. That is pretty crazy, right? 74!


I especially love casual shoes. Those sassy heels are great but I don’t often have the opportunity to wear them. I’m more of a Keds and ballet flats kind of a gal. If it’s cute and comfy I’m totally down.

Though I haven’t talked about it so much I also have a thing for clothes. I LOVE clothes. Pretty dresses, flowy tops, colorful shorts and skinny jeans are all my bag. Since I’m in my 30’s I feel very strongly that I should dress like an adult. Not a teenager. So my style has evolved a lot in the past few years. Right now I’m in a kind of a preppy phase. Well not kind of, totally!

I got 2 fabulous pairs of shoes from Famous Footwear and I’m going to show you how I styled them. Now this is my first style post so be easy with me. Taking photos of myself is difficult and I had all sorts of trials trying to get my snaps. But it’s all about the shoes and the styles, baby and you can totally see what I’m putting down. And I’ll get better with practice. You try smiling in front of a camera and pretend like anybody in the world can look at you. It’s a wee bit disconcerting :)

#ohsofamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.

First let’s take a peek at these fabulous Sperry boat shoes I snapped up. This spring I’ve been totally down with a nautical vibe and navy and white are heavy in my current wardrobe. I guess it’s being able to spend time at the beach and looking forward to even more time there!

#ohsofamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.
Pants, New York and Co. Sweater, Old Navy. Watch and necklace, gifts.


Every time I’m in a preppy style kind of a mood I gravitate toward boat shoes. They perfectly suit the style! Plus I knew that these would make a wonderful by the ocean outfit for in the evenings when it’s no longer bathing suit temperatures out!

I paired my snazzy blue Sperry Top-Sider Shoresider Boat Shoe from Famous Footwear with a pair of crisp, clean white linen paints that I simply love. Everybody needs a pair of white linen pants and a pair of nude panties to wear just beneath! White seems to be the answer but they stand out something wicked! These are so great I actually also have them in tan and a sort of black and white mixed thing that comes across as dark gray. Love!

A lot of my wardrobe comes from online shopping at Old Navy and that is how I snapped up this white and navy blue striped mesh sweater. Tossed over a cheap tank (probably Walmart?) and I feel like I look like I could be sipping something fancy on a yacht! Last of all when going preppy you’ve got to have a gold watch on, right? And I decided to slick on a pair of red lips because I was feeling all sorts of patriotic. Red, white and blue baby!

#ohsofamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.

Though I make over shoes constantly I have to say my go to shoe is a pair of crisp, white canvas sneakers. I love how you can prep them up or rock them in a totally casual outfit. I instantly fell in love with the red striping on the rubber soles and the little red Keds tag on the tongue. I think that everybody should have a pair of Keds Double Up Sneakers to rock this summer. So comfy, versatile and let’s face it… totally stinking cute!

#ohsofamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.
Denim capris, Levis. Tank, Walmart. Watch gift. Necklace, Rocksbox.


My first look is a running into town kind of a thing. Comfortable without being gym shorts and a tee shirt. Because, you know that the times when you go to the store with paint in your frizzy hair and mismatched flip flops is the time you will see EVERYBODY YOU HAVE EVER MET.

First up are these Levis capris. Boy howdy when you first slip them on they feel kind of like a second skin. And they are pull on. No zipper or button here which feels kind of mom jean to me but dang if they aren’t the most comfortable pair I own. I am constantly talking myself out of getting a second pair. I mean, I can do laundry, right? Maybe!

I snatched the top up after seeing it waiting to check out at Walmart. It’s loose and flowy and fantastic and so comfortable. We’ve got that gold watch again and a necklace scored from my recent Rocksbox. All set with my fantastic white Keds I feel perfectly ready to run some errands and see absolutely nobody I know because I look good enough that I’d want to :)


#ohsofamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.
Shorts, Walmart. Top, New York and Co. Necklace, gift. Sunglasses, Versona.


I do believe that I have mentioned a time or two that I am accident prone but now you can see the evidence of it. Look at my poor legs. At last count there was 21 on the fronts of both legs. Dang! Watch where you’re going, am I right? I see absolutely no reason in trying to Photoshop them out. This is going to be my summer shorts look period end of. I am a klutz!

But back to my outfit with these lovely Keds. For some crazy reason Walmart keeps putting out these fabulous shorts in so many beautiful colors. I’m addicted and have every pair and they fit me so comfortably. I bought up a bunch from different places that cost way more than $13 a pair but when I found these, they all went back to their respective stores. This super lovely peach pair I just got yesterday and it’s currently my favorite color. Because I’m fickle and like the new stuff the best!

Topped with my softest ever and most loved chambray button up tucked in just at the front and I feel quite stylish and super comfortable. Perfect for a day of sightseeing around New Orleans,don’t you think?

#ohsofamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.
Watch, gift. Bracelet, Versona.


And again we’ve got that preppy gold watch but this time paired with a knotted end cuff bracelet in gold. It’s amazing how just a few accessories can up your feeling from well dressed to completely styling. Do you do get that feeling when wearing jewelry too?

To be hones this is probably my favorite outfit and these Keds are going to get worn the heck out this summer. They’re the PERFECT all around summer shoe and they’re going to be kicking all over the place while I vacay my heart out!

To get tons of ideas to pair reasonably priced and perfect for summer shoes with stylish and affordable outfits, check out the Famous Footwear #ohsofamous style gallery!  And add your share your own outfits, too. Fun!

#ohsofamous! Summer styles with fresh kicks.

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Comments (2)

  • Pat S

    May 19, 2015 at 8:30 AM

    Cute outfits and I love your haircut. It looks great on you. Keep smiling

  • Mike

    May 20, 2015 at 7:08 PM

    You look fabulous Allison! Very stylish!
    And you did fine! Believe me when I say that I understand about being camera shy and thinking about how anyone in the world can have access to your photos. Scary!!! But you photograph well! :)
    And I want to say thank you for saying that you feel strongly about dressing like an adult and not like a teen. I’ve seen so many people (older than we are sometimes) try and look like they’re 15 when they are clearly way past that age. Once you hit 18, it’s time to grow up, right?
    So thank you for being mature and a cool person. I respect that. :)
    And hey, I shop at Famous Footwear too! I signed up to get e-mails on great deals that they have. They have great hiking boots there (my normal footwear). Great for work or leisure. :)

    Stay awesome!

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