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July 23, 2015Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Serta for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

002-new-serta-perfect-sleeper-dreamalittlebiggerI’m not expert or specialist in the thing but I have a feeling that just about everybody in this world has had a terrible night’s sleep. And what’s more I figure that there are quite a few people who regularly have a bad night’s sleep a lot of the time if not every single night. I remember there was a time when I woke up with a terrible ache in my back every. single. day.

Seriously! And the thing is the more I talk to others about beds the more I realize just how accepted it is to sleep poorly and how everybody seems to just accept a bad night’s sleep as a part of life. I chalked it up to being young-ish. In your 20s you kind of roll with things because you aren’t sure if they are the norm or not. Know what I’m saying? You do this thing all of the time because it’s just the way the world works and after years of doing it somebody bursts your bubble with a way that makes it all so much easier and you’ve been dealing with it in a terrible way for ages.

The Serta Perfect sleeper is just that... a perfect sleep!


Well I’m going to tell you that you can sleep well at night. And I can tell you that you can afford to also…

The first very good mattress I  got my Mimmie bought me and it was very, very nice of her. After hearing how tired I was in my voice every time she called she finally told me to go out and pick a decent mattress. The budget she gave me was crazy, like $2,000. I wound up spending around $1,600 of her money on a new bed and I felt terrible about taking her money like that. I mean, a bed is a bed is a bed, right?

The Serta Perfect sleeper is just that... a perfect sleep!

And then that bed was delivered and my old hunk o’ junk with popped springs and lumps and bumps was taken to live in the country. You know, it was taken off to die. :) I woke up the first morning and I cried and cried and cried. I am a light sleeper. When I toss and turn or get uncomfortable I wake up. And when I wake up I realize that I am in pain from these conditions or my mind gets going and I have a hard time getting back to sleep. Even with sleeping pills I had been waking up so frequently I was lucky to string together 3 hours of sleep a night.

Why did I cry? I slept through the entire night. The entire night. I woke up and I felt so refreshed and great and amazed that such a night’s sleep was even possible.

The day I got my new Serta Perfect Sleeper® delivered was very similar in experience. My old bed started off amazing but as the years went on it faded from its former glory. Getting that new bed and lying on it and sinking in like a cloud (I picked the SOFTEST mattress in the series because I WANT to feel like I’m surrounded by lovely, warm fluff as I sleep!)  I was reminded of those first days when I finally got a good night’s sleep. And I’m excited because the feeling of this new mattress is far greater than even my memory of that great bed.

The Serta Perfect sleeper is just that... a perfect sleep!

Now if you’re worried that you cannot afford a new bed I have news for you… the Serta Perfect Sleepers® are not only amazing quality and built to last, they are also affordable. Now you may not have the dough to just run out and buy one when you hit the end of this post because, for a lot of us, life just isn’t that way. We have to save for the things we want and need. BUT it won’t take you nearly long as you may think. Seriously. Open a new window and do a search for the Serta Perfect Sleeper® and you’ll see that you can make it happen and get a good night’s sleep too.

Did you know there are 5 common sleep problems including tossing and turning, a lack of support, back pain, sleeping hot and getting jiggled around from your partner moving? These things can add up to a horrible night’s sleep and you may not even realize how bad it really is… This official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation will cost you between $399 and $1,999 and you can pick one up all over the place at department and furniture stores. They’ve got lots of features you’re not going to get on other mattresses in this price range like Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam and Custom Support® Individual Advantage coils.

The Serta Perfect sleeper is just that... a perfect sleep!

And some people are really digging the memory foam beds but they can run you some serious cha-ching. But Serta even has a new Perfect Sleeper® Memory Foam line making this mattress trend of the future affordable to all of us. Oh, and you know those fancy, schmancy bed foundations that let you move the head and the foot of the bed up and down? You can get those too at a good price. The Pivot™ model allows you to adjust the head of the mattress and the Motion Essentials™ model allows you to adjust both the head and the foot of the mattress. Cooh, eh?

This time I didn’t cry when I got my new mattress. These days I know that I SHOULD be getting a good nights sleep and that I CAN. I’m just digging on the fact that Serta has made it so good and so affordable for me. So while I dig how amazingly soft and comfy it is and even am in love with that crazy pretty pattern on the mattress I have to say that the price for the quality is what I’m so happy with. If you’re sleeping poorly, look online and see where you can check out one of these bad boys and lay on a few. You’ll instantly know how much better you can sleep on one of these guys!

The Serta Perfect sleeper is just that... a perfect sleep!

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  • Mike

    July 23, 2015 at 9:02 PM

    You are so right about that Allison. I have certainly have had more than my fair share of sleepless nights, more than I care to count. Though I don’t think my issue with sleep is so much my bed as the simple fact that I don’t know how to turn off my thoughts after my head hits the pillow. Many times I have lain in my bed and have had thoughts like, “if only I had done this better” or “how would I have done this if I had known…” or “I wonder how I will go about in doing this project for tomorrow”, you get the picture. I don’t know how to turn my thoughts off! While I attribute much of this baffling brain battle to my being OCD, I do believe that some of it is because my bed is also slightly out of whack. I remember that a while back, you spoke in your video that you posted here that you used to fall into your “divot” in your bed during the night. And while my bed divot isn’t too deep yet (I rotate my mattress about every 2 months to keep it from being lop-sided), I’m noticing a considerable change in it and it’s starting to sag in the center. The sad thing is, it’s not really that old (I guess) and I take really good care of my mattress so I’m thinking , “how can this be?!”.

    But hey! This Serta Perfect Sleepers mattress, from how you described it, sounds like heaven! And from the sounds of it, I could purchase one without having to feel like I’ve burned a hole in my pocket or wallet! I could get the cheapest one for around $400 and all I’d have to do is dip into my savings to get it! I may consider looking into this in the near future for when I’m in need of a new mattress. I’ll still try and squeeze as much “life” out of my current mattress as much as I can, since I’m under some financial friction right now. But once I get that settled, I’m going to make like Goldilocks and say, “this mattress is just right!”

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