Neon String Art Valentine’s Cards

January 24, 2015Laura Mason

Lovely Wren - Neon String Art Cards for Valentine's DayLovely Wren - Neon YarnLovely Wren - String Art Heart Card

Hi! Laura from Lovely Wren here, back again to share an awesome neon string art Valentine’s Day card tutorial. It seems a little early for Valentine’s Day to me, but we’re actually just 3 weeks away! And if you’re like me, once you start with handmade cards, you’re going to want to make them for everyone on your list, so you’ll need plenty of time.

These little guys are pretty easy to make, and although the color combination options are endless, I recommend the Lion Brand Bonbon yarn in Celebrate. The colors are bright, and a metallic thread gives them just the right amount of sparkle. Perfect for a fun and fresh Valentine’s Day card!

ps: I’m a little bit in love with this yarn… I actually used it for last month’s snowflake garland (which you can check out right here if you missed it)and in a different color set to make snowflake ornaments for all my friends and family a couple years ago!

Lovely Wren - Materials for String Art Cards

You need just a couple things for this project:

  • Blank cards (I used A1 size)
  • A metal yarn needle
  • Fine yarn (sport weight, fine, baby weight) or embroidery floss
  • Something soft to set the card on while you poke holes – floral foam or the top of a shoebox works well

Lovely Wren - Neon String Art Cards

Open the card and set it on top of your work surface (again, you want something that your needle can sink into a little bit, it makes poking the holes easier). You can either draw your shape and then poke the holes over top of it, or just free hand it. I personally free handed it.

Lovely Wren - String Art Cards for Valentine's Day

For the negative space heart, you’ll want a to poke a heart shape approximately in the center of the card, and you’ll also want to poke a rectangle all around the edge of the card. If you get too close to the edge the holes will rip as you’re threading the yarn through, so be careful.

Once the holes are poked, cut a long piece of yarn and tie a knot in one end. Thread the yarn from the edge in towards the heart. You will thread the yarn from 2 to 4 edge holes into one heart hole. Along the sides you may have to use one heart hole for 5 or 6 edge holes. Once you are finished, you can use a back stitch (see this image) around the heart to make it look more defined.

Lovely Wren - String Art Card

For the positive space heart, just go to town! You only need to poke holes in a heart shape, and you can just run the thread across, up, down, etc randomly until you get a level of fill and color that you like.

Keep in mind that whatever color you thread first will get covered up by the subsequent colors, unless you run them underneath your first color. I didn’t do this, and if you look closely at mine you can see that the pink (my first color) is kind of lost under the red, green and blue… you could also use the bottom color again as the very last color to get it to show up more. Once you’re done filling in your heart, use back stitch around the edges to make it look more finished and pretty.

And that’s it! Bright, sparkly, neon heart cards that all your sweeties will be so happy to receive!

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