Neon Kicks at iLoveToCreate!

January 21, 2014Allison Murray

Neon Kicks at iLoveToCreate!

When I was a kid neon was in it a big, big way. It was the 80’s and I have to say that I rocked an over-sized tee shirt dress, side pony and high top chucks more times than I should probably admit. And when neon was big, I took big, big advantage with nearly everything I owned having some sort of neon something somewhere. We’re talking binders and stickers and shoes and shirts and hair bows, man, the hair bows!

Neon Kicks at iLoveToCreate!

So with neon coming back in a big, big way and Tulip jumping on board with some awesome neon slick paints, it seemed the perfect time to recreate one of my favorite pairs of shoes EVER. They were neon amazing-ness of orange, green and pink with awesome hot pink laces. With my handy Tulip dimensional paint and Tulip fabric brushes, I recreated these shoes as close as you please and got to steppin’ all bright and colorful-like.

So head on over to iLoveToCreate to see just how simple it is to make your own pair of neon kicks!

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