Neo-Geometric Beaded Bracelet

October 3, 2015Rachil Luke

Hey guys! Today I’m experimenting with a craft I don’t do very often, beading! That time consuming subset of jewelry making that I usually ignore. I’m not sure if the amount of beads that you can buy/ all the different choices of beads is overwhelming to me or if I just don’t have the patience for stringing little balls all day. One of the two.

This bracelet is super easy for a beginner in beading, even though I technically picked the wrong kind of beads to put together in the manner I wanted. I made it work anyway, channeling my inner Tim Gun. Find out how to make your own below!


  • 9mm stretchy clear beading string
  • 2 types of geometrically shaped beads (ones with holes through them)
    • Jewelry Pliers (if you don’t get beads with holes in them)
  • Scissors

Pre-Step: If, like me, you really thought two beads went together and bought them already only to find that one connects by string and the other connects by jump ring; never fear!  Just separate the beads out into singles and we’ll worry about that later.

Step 1:  (Note: Clear string is hard to photograph, mostly I drew over where it’s supposed to be in red. Sorry for the shoddy-ness) Cut a piece of string a few inches longer than the circumference of your wrist. Line your beads up next to it to check your composition.

Step 2: Begin to string your beads in the order you decided in the previous step. If you have to string beads with jump ring “eyes” follow the pictures below.

This is how your jump ring bead should look from the back.

String all but the last bead. If you picked jump ring beads, it will need to be one of them.

Step 3: Put one end of the sting through each “eye” of your bead.
Follow one of these diagrams to tie off your bracelet. A regular run of the mill knot will slide right out.
Double knot and your bracelet is ready to wear!

All in all that took what? Like 6 minutes at the most, if you had issues deciding how to compose your beads. Plus look how cute it is! I’ve got a few more beading projects coming up so look for those!

Have a great weekend and stay safe if you’re on the east coast! It hasn’t stayed dry all day once this week, maybe longer it’s getting hard to remember.

Til Next Time!

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