Necktie Pillow for Father’s Day at Mom Spark

June 13, 2013Allison Murray

Necktie Pillow for Father's Day at Mom Spark

This coming Father’s Day is going to be really hard for me and I’ve been having quite a  bit of difficulty getting into the spirit. You see, Poppa, my grandfather died on Father’s Day last year. I spoke to him on the phone in the morning to wish him a happy day and was woken up by screaming about the same time the next morning.

I’ve been trying so hard to come up with fantastic Father’s Day presents, but I just haven’t been feeling it. I tried working out some really neat resin paperweights but they were CRAFT FAILS. Yep, all caps. I used up an entire large tin of resin $24, ruined a paperweight mold $12, and $10 worth of Legos and $6 worth of astroturf. That’s $52 of failure right there.

In fact, one of the paperweights is somewhere in the half acre that is my fenced in backyard. I should probably get out there and find it before it’s time to mow. Wouldn’t that be a surprise to hit with the riding mower!

But this necktie pillow project came together and it came out really well. After a weekend of failed crafty attempts, it was really nice to get something made that mostly turned out just the way I had planned and hoped.

So, if I haven’t totally depressed you too much (eek! sorry), head on over to Mom Spark to see how to make a Necktie Pillow for Father’s Day upcycling old and unworn neckties or using new matchy, matchy ones.


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