Must Have Preloved Looks for Fall 2017

September 3, 2017Sheri Pavlović

Autumn is in the air bringing with it a bombardment of ads for the lastest fall fashions and back to school styles but why waste your money on cheap fast fashion when you can easily put together completely unique, on trend looks from high quality preloved gear?

According to the fashion world the top 5 trends for Autumn are plaid, florals, velvet, the colour red and western style so I created my Must Have Preloved Looks for Fall 2017 to prove just how simple it is to put together awesome on trend outfits from items you already have in your wardrobe + a visit to your fave thrift shop!


Plaid is always easy to find at the thrift shop and can be discovered in nearly every section! A plaid(ish) vintage dress paired with tights and boots creates a fab look! That groovy combination of stripes and plaid on the right needed zero refashioning and both pieces fit me perfectly, hooray! (I found the top in the men’s area and the trousers in the kid’s section – proving once again it pays to check every rack while thrifting!) Total cost for both outfits: $8.50

Florals are a dime a dozen at the thrift shop and as most of us have at least one flower patterned item in our wardrobe right now why not use it as a base to put together a lovely new look from those items lurking at the back of your closet? Total cost for both outfits: $17.00

Velvet can be hit or miss but when you discover a stunning velvet garment while thrifting snap it up immediately as that sumptious fabric is a timeless addition to any wardrobe! At $24 that vintage jacket was one of the most expensive secondhand purchases I’ve made since making the decision 6 years ago to completely step away from fast fashion and create my own ethical and sustainable wardrobe but I think it was definitely worth it! Total outfit cost: $27

Red: even when it’s dressed down and casual, wearing red always makes me feel powerful and fiery so it’s no surprise that psychologists and researchers agree that red is a colour which stirs up passion! I’ve had that rockin’ red sweater for years and it looks fab with my DIY distressed jeans and just how did I create the refashioned high waisted skirt ensemble on the right? The long sleeved crop top was simply chopped and hemmed to my desired length and the vintage skirt became high waisted with 2 straight side seams thus shrinking the waistband and making it fit higher on my torso. Total cost for both outfits: $9.00

Western Style: Having grown up in Alberta (a.k.a: the Texas of Canada) I know a wee bit about dressing the part of an urban cowboy. Little known fact: At the beginning of my long-ago starving artist days, in addition to waitressing, I taught fancy two-stepping classes to help make ends meet – and I can still polka, country foxtrot, spin, weave and turn like nobody’s business! Yeehaw! Total outfit cost: $2.50

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  • Garage Couture (Erin)

    September 4, 2017 at 12:12 AM

    This is really nice and I like that you focused on trend and itemized everything. What do teenagers (this generation) think of shopping at Thrift shops? Are they embarrassed? I started shopping at thrift shops when I was 15. I discovered I could find amazing and unique items and not look like every other mall girl.

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