A #Moem for My Mimmie, an Amazing Momma

May 9, 2014Allison Murray

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There are an awful lot of great mommas in my life. We all know that my mother is fantastic and I speak of her often, but I also have a wonderful grandmother. If you've read around here before you know that Mimmie is kind of a wild card and totally not like other grandmas. She taught me when I was kid that sometimes things go wrong and "it's a bitch" that you deal with it and move on. She also taught me that it's okay to be me, even if that means not like being like everyone else :)

Mimmie is my momma's momma and I've spent an awful lot of my life with her. When I was little we lived the next town over from my grandparents and I spent just about every single weekend with them.


Mimmie ran a chain of dry cleaners and spent a lot of time working at them. Most Saturday mornings she'd go into work and take me with her. I remember getting up before the sun and sliding around on the pleather seats of her navy blue Buick as she let me get just a little more sleep on the way there.

I got a lot of freedom at the dry cleaners and I absolutely loved going to work with her. She'd let me help at the front desk taking clothes and shooting the little tag attacher to get the numbers onto the clothes corresponding with the customer's receipt. She'd let me bother the seamstress who would draw shapes on scrap fabric for me to embroider so that I could "help" her out. I'd patiently sit and wait for the pants presser to take me down to the corner convenience store to stock up on penny candy for the rest of the day. 

And then we'd go home after a hard day's work and she'd cook supper, I'd play outside or a board game with my Poppa, take a bath and get ready for the Sunday to come.

I have such fond memories of these weekends and my Mimmie was always great to me. There was never any question of how much she loved me and she cared for me so well. Even as an adult, she takes care of me well. When I lost my job, she was there sending me groceries. When I had problems and needed to move quickly, she showed up the next day at my new apartment with a house warming gift of a new sofa :) though it's a 7 hour drive!

Long story short, Mimmie is one awesome momma. And so to commemorate her I've made her very own #Moem. 

Mimmie, your love and support makes my life rich,

even when things go south I remember you taught me to smile and make the best'cause it's a b*tch! #Moem


What is a Moem? It's a poem of love and tribute to the mothers in your life in 135 characters or less! Check this one out…

Why should you write a #Moem for your mother or grandmother? Besides the fact that it's an easy way to show love and appreciation you also make a charitable donation! Yep, that's right! For every #moem submitted, Met Life will donate $10 to Dress for Success up to the $50,000 goal. Pretty awesome, eh?

And before you start in about how you aren't poetic, never fear! There is a poem maker to help you. It'll give you a whole bunch of first lines to choose from so you can finish it up with personalized sentiment. They'll even help you with some  words that rhyme. Check that out over here –> www.moemmaker.com

Head on over and write your #Moem and share it on Facebook and Twitter and wherever you please to pay tribute to your fantastic mom. And encourage your friends so that we can give some kind words to all of those mommas out there who totally deserve it!

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Comments (2)

  • Julie

    May 11, 2014 at 7:31 AM

    Your Mimmie sounds amazing! Got to remember to thank these amazing women who influence us so much. I’ll have a bash at a Moem or two, sounds fun!

  • Uncle Skunk

    May 22, 2014 at 4:08 PM


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