Mod Podge & Instagram Photo Binders at Mom Spark!

August 27, 2013Allison Murray

Instagram Binders at Mom Spark! - full tutorial

I’m so excited about my post over at Mom Spark this week! Two of my favorite things are Instagram photos and stuff for organization. So a binder covered with Instagram pics is going to be the bees knees if you ask me!

I started off this project going through my Instagram account and realizing that I didn’t want to share a binder just covered with photos of my cats. Because that would make me look crazy to anyone who doesn’t really know me. And even though that is pretty much 99% of my account, I don’t exactly want to share that with the entire world (but you sweet reader are different – you accept me for me and I adore you for that). I know that’s what we bloggers do on the internet, after all. While we’ve mostly dropped the whole “WWW” it’s still the World Wide Web but a girl’s gotta have boundaries :)

Instagram Binders at Mom Spark! - full tutorial

And so I asked very sweet Amy, Mom Spark herself, if I could use her pictures for my upcoming project for her blog. She very kindly said yes and I’m so excited that I have a little handmade something I can give her. The project is simple and if you need help printing Instagram pictures easily and cheaply – check out yesterday’s post here.

If you’re ready to go full speed ahead – get on over to Mom Spark for the Mod Podge & Instagram Photo Binders Tutorial!

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