Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Jewelry DIY at Mom Spark!

April 16, 2013Allison Murray

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic Jewelry DIY by Dream a Little Bigger at Mom Spark

I talked about it at length over at Mom Spark this week, but I have a thing for scrap-booking paper. A seriously compulsive, hoarding thing with the cute 12 x 12 stuff. It’s bordering on incredibly insane simply because I do NOT scrapbook.

So what do I need all this freaking paper for? I do my best to work it in where I can and I also try to do my best to not buy more. But even in heading to the store to  purchase materials for this project, that would be using some of my incredible stash, I wound up buying new paper that I used for the DIY instead. But the thing is, the paper wasn’t sold individually. It was sold in a book with, I believe, 47 other pieces of paper.

In an effort to help diminish my stash and have 1 less piece of crack, I mean scrap-booking paper, I instead increased it by 47. This is not looking good for my space tiny office/craft room. And just a little FYI, the background (barely seen in the mirror) and the orange you see beneath the compact in the pic above.. both from the same book of paper as I used in the project, so I feel the purchase was a success!


At any rate, head on over to Mom Spark to check out the DIY Jewelry tutorial and get the skinny on Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. It’s pretty darn magical stuff.

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  • Stephanie

    April 20, 2013 at 2:47 AM

    Hee! I just had to comment — I'm a fellow scrapbook paper hoarder without any interest in scrapbooking! My collection is more digital than "analog" since it's cheaper, but any trip to Joann's/Michael's/etc. has to include a trip down the scrapbooking aisles if just to ogle it all. Love the chevron pattern you used!

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