Migraine Therapy Bags Tutorial at Mom Spark!

November 19, 2013Allison Murray

Migraine Therapy Bags Tutorial at Mom Spark!

From what I understand there are tons and tons of migraine sufferers out there and most of them are women. When I have a migraine I want something cool to cover my forehead and I often use a wet washcloth. But that makes my pillow messy and when I have a migraine, my skin is uber sensitive or something and that water dripping down the sides of my face is so irritating.

So I started making cold therapy bags that I toss into my freezer (in a zipper bag because I will not be able to handle any nasty fridge-y smells during migraine times) and they’ve proven to be a godsend. If you or someone you know suffers from the terrible headaches these bags are just a few dollars and about 20 minutes away. Check out the full tutorial over at Mom Spark! How to make cold migraine therapy bags.

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